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actionscript 3 drag and drop boundaries in dating Learn how to install and use FastPictureViewer, get detailed explanations about the. MinimalComps - Minimal ActionScript UI Components for Flash for FeathersUI (Starling based UI component library); flexwires - Drag-and-drop wiring UI not subject to the 40KB message size limit imposed by the standard actionscript .. An ActionScript 3 library for working with and generating relative- date strings. Our previous version was about 5 versions out of date. Since the upgrade to Actionscript the dynamic text response has ceased working.; // we should limit dragging to the area inside the canvas object.

You can do this with the filters panel. Move the red circle back to its initial position Special effects maybe 4 Drag and match learning application - dumb version The goal is to move objects to a textbox containing the first letter of its name.

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If there is a hit, the user will get some success message and can't move the object anymore. If he is done, he should get an extra message. Step 1 - Create movie clips for object to be moved As above with the red and blue circle Each object should have an instance name Step 2 - Create textboxes Create one for each object E.

Make sure they are dynamic and they have a name. Otherwise a dropped object will not find its target. Step 3 - Write Action Script code Code below is fairly awful since it lacks abstraction, but it has the advantage to use a minimal variety of AS3. Just make sure that the target textboxes are in the background. Btw this is the first AS3 code that includes a tiny bit of programming I ever made I probably also should type variables but then I am not a real programmer A child can not read instructions, but a parent could tell: Move the object back to its origin when there is a miss.

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I may move these to some other article sometimes soon. These are children of Sprites. Most of the time, Flash will add the import statements automatically as you start typing out classes like MouseEvent in your code.

Sometimes, Flash doesn't do that.

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During those times, you'll need to add it yourself. You will know when you need to add it, for when you test your application, the compiler will complain that it doesn't know about a particular class you forgot the import statement for. Next up is our code for dragging our movie clip around: All this code does is call the startDrag function on our movie clip whose instance name is dragger.

The startDrag function takes care of positioning our movie clip to the correct position based on the mouse position and so on. The last piece of code we will look at is the one for stopping our movie clip from being dragged around: The drag is stopped via the stopDrag function that you call on the dragger movie clip.

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Conclusion So, there you have it - a very short and simple tutorial that describes how to drag something around in Flash using just a few lines of ActionScript 3. If you have a question about this or any other topic, the easiest thing is to drop by our forums where a bunch of the friendliest people you'll ever run into will be happy to help you out!

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