Amy and robert so you think can dance dating

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amy and robert so you think can dance dating

Amy Elizabeth Yakima is the female winner on season 10 of So You Think You Can Amy & Robert Top 4 Perform SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE FOX. The winners of So You Think You Can Dance's landmark 10th season Amy acknowledges that she and Fik-Shun are so comfortable in their. So You Think You Can Dance TV Series - Check out the latest news, scheduling and show information.

These couples perform 1—2 duets per week in different styles which are typically, but not always, randomly selected. These duets, as with all non-solo performances at this stage in the competition, are choreographed by professional choreographers. Prior to most duet performances, a video packet of clips of the couple preparing to perform the routine is shown; these packets are intended not only to demonstrate the couple's efforts to master the routine, but also to give glimpses of the personalities and personal histories of the dancers as well as insights from the choreographer as to the thematic, narrative, and artistic intentions of the piece.

Amy and Travis Contemporary--So You Think You Can Dance Season 10

Following each duet performance, the week's panel of judges gives critical feedback, often emphasizing the two key areas of technique and performance value. Duets and their accompanying video packets and critiques typically take up the majority of an episode but are often supplemented by solos, group numbers, and occasionally guest dance or musical performances. Nigel Lythgoe is co-creator of the So You Think You Can Dance franchise, and has been executive producer and permanent member of the judge's panel of the U.

amy and robert so you think can dance dating

In season 1, each week of the competition featured a single episode, with dancers' eliminations pre-recorded the week they occurred and then broadcast at the beginning of the next week's episode. In seasonsthe show's weekly format was split between two episodes, a performance episode, as described above, and a results show which revealed the outcome of the at-home-viewer voting following the performance show of the same week.

amy and robert so you think can dance dating

More recent seasons have returned to a one-show-per-week format, but with each week's episode typically reflecting the results of voting for the previous week's performances, with these results revealed at the end of the following week's performances.

Depending on the stage of the competition, each week may feature eliminations which are based entirely on an at-home viewer vote, or the vote may simply create a group of bottom dancers from which the show's judges will select the final eliminations. Voting has also varied by season and often within seasons with regard to whether the voter selected individuals or couples.

Amy yakima and robert dating - Amy yakima and robert roldan dating

Following the announcement of their elimination, dancers are typically given a brief send-off via a video montage. Each competitive episode ends with a quick recap of the night's routines accompanied by voting prompts. Episodes typically last around two hours, commercials included. There has also been variability in how long couples are kept together and how the at-home-viewer votes are balanced against judge decisions, though ultimately at some point in every season, the judges give up their power to save dancers and eliminations are determined exclusively by viewer votes.

The total number of hours shown in a given week during the performance phase of the competition has varied from two to four hours.

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A season's finale episode is often the most elaborately produced show of a season and features the last performances of the competitors, encore performances of many of the season's most acclaimed routines, guest dancers including returning past season competitors and cast-members from other international versions of the franchisemusical performances, and multiple video packets chronicling the course of the season's events, all culminating in the announcement of the winner of the competition. Most seasons have featured a single winner, while seasons 9 and 10 featured both a male and female winner.

Following the closure of the season, the Top Ten dancers often go on tour for several months, performing hit routines from the season among other performances. Judges[ edit ] A typical season of So You Think You Can Dance is presided over by a panel of 2—4 permanent judges, supplemented by occasional guest judges, with the panel sometimes ballooning up to twice or more its normal size for callback episodes or season finales.

amy and robert so you think can dance dating

Executive producer an co-creator of the show Nigel Lythgoe is the only judge to have sat as a permanent member of the panel across all seasons, although ballroom specialist Mary Murphy has also sat as a permanent member of the panel in seven seasons.

Other permanent judges have included film director and choreographer Adam Shankmancontemporary choreographer Mia Michaelspop music and dance icon Paula Abdulnoted youth dancer Maddie Zieglermusic and dance artist Jason Deruloand successful show alumni and season 4 runner-up Stephen "tWitch" Boss.

During the routine, Amy slips and falls. The judges do not find it a bad thing and comment that everyone makes mistakes.

Amy Yakima

They praise the routine for its cuteness and entertainment. Having Anna Kendrick comment that Amy is her favorite dancer on the show. She appeared to be in the bottom 6, and was not saved, so along with Malece MillerAmy had to dance for her life. The judges praise the routine for its wonderful chemistry and grace.

Amy and Fik-Shun Win SYTYCD! - Dance Informa Magazine

Later on, the judges announced that Amy was safe, eliminating Malece. She was safe this week, and continue in the competition. The judges love the routine, complimenting Amy on her energy and smile.

amy and robert so you think can dance dating

Meanwhile, Amy performed a Jazz Contemporary piece with all-star, Travis Wallwho also choreographs a dance. The two had already formed an obvious chemistry, which made the dance sensational. The judges give it a standing ovation, and compliment Amy on how she matured. She also performed a Contemporary solo, to prove to the judges that she deserved to be in the finale.

amy and robert so you think can dance dating

The judges praise the routine for its cuteness and entertainment. The judges love the routine, complimenting on the chemistry and entertainment. The judges love the routine and compliment on the entertainment and technique.