Are ludwig and frankie dating apps

are ludwig and frankie dating apps

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are ludwig and frankie dating apps

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are ludwig and frankie dating apps

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are ludwig and frankie dating apps

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are ludwig and frankie dating apps

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are ludwig and frankie dating apps

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Read More Get a quote To get a quote for our services please complete the quote form or call us on 03 The blonde actor, who sported a pair of bright pink swimming trunks, then gave his giggling beau a piggy back ride - showing off his strength as he jogged out of the water. It seems he couldn't stop himself from carrying his feather-light girlfriend - holding her in his arms after she dressed in a pair of shorts and top over her white bikini.

The ride of your life: Alexander showed off his strength as he gave Nicole a piggy back ride Helping hand: The couple both balance on the surf board, with the actor offering his beau a helping hand Bobbing along: The couple laughed and chatted as they took to their boards On Monday, Alexander again put his physique to the test as he tossed his girlfriend into the air in a Dirty Dancing-inspired move. Ludwig asked a fan to snap a picture and Nicole jumped into his arms so the actor could lift her in the air.

The motion was an effortless one for the chiselled young actor, who began dating Nicole last September. The star showed off his six pack as he took to the board in cerise shorts All aboard! Nicole showed off her svelte figure in a white bikini What a carry on! Alexander couldn't resist picking Nicole up yet again later in the day The Boston-based model wore a floral bandeau top and purple bikini bottoms for the couple's day out.

The pair have been inseparable during the winter holidays, vacationing in Hawaii after their romantic Whistler ski vacation in his native Canada.