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Yeah, you know, vacations are amazing! Laughs People have been right this whole time! You were inspired and, I read, doing some quiet recording. You just get these ideas. Once the ideas show up they just kind of fly around until you get rid of them.

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It was fun though. I would just hear things and feel things. Is that what we do? People come see this? Laughs We have a mountain of material and ideas and it can get like ADD. They honestly disappear when you record it. I also read that you claimed Neck Of The Woods had more playfulness than previous albums. Can you elaborate on that statement? In the earlier days when we started in Los Angeles, we were a little quirkier.

It almost made things a little bit more understandable for us and lost that adventure that we used to have. So that was a big thing, and was important for me to try and hopefully put back in the album. On this record, I really wanted to base it on the drums because they carry a lot of the weight. We always have guitar and keyboards and previous records are more assaulting, for sure, but this one I wanted the bass and the drums to have a lot of texture of their own and almost be melodic in their own way.

We wanted to just try and get good. We just kept playing and tried to find our identity. So we rehearsed the hell out of all of our previous records, wrote everything as it was, went into the studio, and just laid it down. There was little room for adventure as far as talent. With this one, we wanted to show very bare bones ideas and get into the studio and try to be creative. And this one did feel more like the present, like where we were at mentally and lyrically.

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I mean, [all of our records] are human really. We either like to be non-specific or so specific, it only means something to me or us collectively. This record is about inner space. This record is a reminder to approach everything on your highest ground. It can change a little bit even to us. This would be where a psychology minor would resurface for sure. The first two records were ego and the third was superego. Was writing that song different than other songs on the record?

We were literally so close to adding in on this tour; we know how to play it! And I enjoyed recording that one.

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When we demoed it, it was a lot of little electronic blips and bloops, but our producer Jacknife happened to get a vibraphone that day. I had never played one before, so I was curious.

I hate to remind you all of passing time, but in a couple days, Carnavas will be ten years old. Has that sunken in at all? Because everything quasi-journalistic feels like an inside joke.

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The rigors of having done a few weeks of press to promote the album were apparent; they were eager to go off on tangents and keep our conversation as casual as possible. So, trying to note the mock drama, mock amazement and mock investigative manner, and forgiving the tangents, and imagining that Aubert is talking really, really fast … Hey, guys.

Good to see you. Besides, this is your time. Our interview with you would be better. Where did you guys meet? Where did the name come from? What do think of the Silver Lake scene? Not everyone had a girl bass player until we left Silver Lake. A girl in the band at all was baffling to everybody.

While Carla [Autolux drummer Carla Azar] was up there on the drums already ripping shit up. Then, the hubris of it all. There are so many good ones. Well, a lot of people still think that our band has a female lead singer. Anyway, you wrote down questions … [Riffing in a nostalgic voice] Well, we started in … Nikki Monninger: And that was never a fact.

When we did a podcast recently I got asked that. So you have questions? Like, what is the deal with the press photos with the paint?