Ben and kacie dating

Sneak Peek of Kacie Boguskie and Ben Flajnik’s Hometown Date on The Bachelor 16 (PHOTOS)

ben and kacie dating

The day portion of our date went swimmingly as usual, but when Kacie started to talk about her dad, I got nervous. I really started to think he. Ben Flajnik Opens Up About 'Excruciating' Two-on-One Date I know Kacie B. was really happy to get that first date in my hometown of. Bachelor Ben and Kacie B. spend some time together with a marching This week's hometown dates promise to be chock full of protective.

The one thing about Ben is that he's a dude.

Kacie B. Doesn't Know 'WTF Happened' With 'Bachelor' Ben -- But We Do | CafeMom

Sometimes it's like, "Oh, he's so deep and so sweet" [but] he's also a dude. I think if you talked to him he'd be like, "Yep, guilty. He didn't see the drama that was going on until the rose ceremony.

ben and kacie dating

The Bachelor's Chris Harrison: We thought Jenna would be a front-runner! The women were pretty angry she still went after him at the cocktail party despite being safe. It's the great debate of whether or not there are unwritten rules on The Bachelor — that once you get a rose you have to sit on the sidelines and let everyone get their time. Or is all fair in love and war and I'm going after this guy and I'm going to take as much time as I can?

Ben Flajnik Opens Up About 'Excruciating' Two-on-One Date

After she got the rose she kept talking to him. But why wouldn't she? I'm guessing you weren't shocked Jenna got the boot. She barely got a rose by the skin of her teeth last week, it was more Ben saying, "I'm going to give her half an extra chance to redeem herself next week" because he was sympathetic to the fact that it was such an experience that first night.

ben and kacie dating

But it didn't take her much to hang herself this week. I hope she'll come back to the Women Tell All because I bet she will have such good perspective. I hope she'll laugh it off. The Bachelor's Ben shares his thoughts on the premiere Next week the mystery woman shows up. What can you preview? It is someone from Ben's past, but also someone from our past.

The contestants immediately assume it's an ex-girlfriend It ends up being a huge benefit for Ben, who realizes just how much the girls like him and how serious they are. But [the person who returns] takes a beating and she didn't anticipate that, we didn't and he didn't.

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Because it was pretty easy to tell by watching her hometown date that Bachelor Ben Flajnik just wasn't drinking the Boguskie Kool-Aid or iced tea or whatever other non-alcoholic beverage her parents were serving at the dinner table.

And honestly -- even Kacie seemed to know that something was a little bit "off" as she said goodbye to Ben after their anti-climactic visit with her family. But even though things didn't exactly go perfectly, Kacie still seemed completely shocked and confused when Ben sent her packing for real?

Even though Kacie may have been completely clueless as to "WTF happened" with Ben, it was pretty easy for anyone watching to figure out. Because there were several reasons she got the boot.

First of all, she really should've toned down the whole baton thing.

ben and kacie dating

Sure, it was kind of cute when she got her twirl on during the one-on-one date she and Ben had in Sonoma, but busting out the stick again to the beat of a marching band right at the very beginning of her hometown date was a bit over the top. If nothing else, it likely reminded Ben of just how young she is.

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How long exactly has she been out of high school? More from The Stir: Ok -- let's get back to the whole teetotaler thing. Kacie didn't hesitate to let Ben know right away that her dad isn't a drinker, which obviously freaked him out a bit um, he's a winemaker.