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Rabbits live in groups, and the best known species, the European rabbit, lives in underground burrows, a group of burrows is called a warren. More than half the worlds rabbit population resides in North America and they are also native to southwestern Europe, Southeast Asia, Sumatra, some islands of Japan, and in parts of Africa and South America.

They are not naturally found in most of Eurasia, where a number of species of hares are present, rabbits first entered South America relatively recently, as part of the Great American Interchange. Much of the continent has just one species of rabbit, the tapeti, the European rabbit has been introduced to many places around the world.

Male rabbits are called bucks, females are called does, an older term for an adult rabbit is coney, while rabbit once referred only to the young animals. Another term for a rabbit is bunny, though this term is often applied informally to rabbits generally, especially domestic ones. More recently, the kit or kitten has been used to refer to a young rabbit. A young hare is called a leveret, this term is sometimes applied to a young rabbit as well. A group of rabbits is known as a colony, or nest, a group of young rabbits with the same parentage is referred to as a litter, and a group of domestic rabbits is sometimes called a herd.

Because the rabbits epiglottis is engaged over the soft palate except when swallowing, rabbits have two sets of incisor teeth, one behind the other.

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This way they can be distinguished from rodents, with which they are often confused, the rabbits long ears, which can be more than 10 cm long, are probably an adaptation for detecting predators. They have large, powerful hind legs, the two front paws have 5 toes, the extra called the dewclaw. The hind feet have 4 toes and they are plantigrade animals while at rest, however, they move around on their toes while running, assuming a more digitigrade form.

Unlike some other paw structures of quadruped mammals, especially those of domesticated pets and their nails are strong and are used for digging, along with their teeth, they are also used for defense 6.

Gangster — A gangster is a criminal who is a member of a gang. Some gangs are considered to be part of organized crime, gangsters are also called mobsters, a term derived from mob and the suffix -ster. Gangs provide a level of organization and resources that support much larger, gangsters have been active for many years in countries around the world. Some gangsters, such as Al Capone have become infamous, gangsters are the subject of many novels and films, particularly from the period between and Some contemporary criminals refer to themselves as gangsta in reference to non-rhotic Black American pronunciation, in todays usage, the term gang is generally used for a criminal organization, and the term gangster invariably describes a criminal.

Much has been written on the subject of gangs, although there is no consensus about what constitutes a gang or what situations lead to gang formation and evolution.

For example, the view that illegal drug distribution in the United States is largely controlled by gangs has been questioned. A gang may be a small group of people who cooperate in criminal acts, as with the Jesse James gang. But a gang may be a group with a formal organization that survives the death of its leader. The Chicago Outfit created by Al Capone outlasted its founders imprisonment and death, the term organized crime is associated with gangs and gangsters, but is not synonymous.

A small street gang that engages in sporadic low-level crime would not be seen as organized, an organization that coordinates gangs in different countries involved in the international trade in drugs or prostitutes may not be considered a gang.

It is an association of criminal groups that share a common organizational structure. The origins lie in the upheaval of Sicilys transition out of feudalism inunder feudalism, the nobility owned most of the land and enforced law and order through their private armies.

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Afterthe feudal barons steadily sold off or rented their lands to private citizens, primogeniture was abolished, land could no longer be seized to settle debts, and one fifth of the land was to become private property of the peasants.

Organized crime has existed in Russia since the days of Imperial Russia in the form of banditry and thievery, in the Soviet period Vory v Zakone emerged, a class of criminals that had to abide by certain rules in the prison system. One such rule was that cooperation with the authorities of any kind was forbidden, in the Soviet Union legalized private enterprise but did not provide regulations to ensure the security of market economy.

Crude markets emerged, the most notorious being the Rizhsky market where prostitution rings were run next to the Rizhsky Railway Station in Moscow, as the Soviet Union headed for collapse many former government workers turned to crime, while others moved overseas 7. Robinson — Edward G.

Robinson was a Romanian-born American actor. A popular star on stage and screen during Hollywoods Golden Age, he appeared in 40 Broadway plays and he is best remembered for his tough-guy roles as a gangster, such as his star-making film Little Caesar and Key Largo.

During the s and s, he was a public critic of fascism and Nazism. Robinson received an Honorary Academy Award for his work in the film industry and he is ranked 24 in the American Film Institutes list of the 25 greatest male stars of Classic American cinema. Robinson was born as Emanuel Goldenberg to a Yiddish-speaking Romanian Jewish family in Bucharest, the son of Sarah and Morris Goldenberg, after one of his brothers was attacked by an antisemitic mob, the family decided to emigrate to the United States.

Life for me began when I was 10 years old, an interest in acting and performing in front of people led to him winning an American Academy of Dramatic Arts scholarship, after which he changed his name to Edward G.

In made his debut as E. Robinson in the silent film. Robinson went on to make a total of films in his year career. He volunteered for service in June but was disqualified due to his age at 48, although he became an active. The following year he played Paul Ehrlich in Dr. DeMille cast him as the traitorous Dathan in The Ten Commandments, the film was released inas was his psychological thriller Nightmare. As it turned out, Robinson died only days later.

He had been notified of the honor, but died two months before the ceremony, so the award was accepted by his widow, Jane Robinson 8. Caricature — A caricature is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings.

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In literature, a caricature is a description of a person using exaggeration of some characteristics, Caricatures can be insulting or complimentary and can serve a political purpose or be drawn solely for entertainment. Caricatures of politicians are commonly used in cartoons, while caricatures of movie stars are often found in entertainment magazines.

The term is derived from the Italian caricare—to charge or load, an early definition occurs in the English doctor Thomas Brownes Christian Morals, published posthumously in Expose not thy self by four-footed manners unto monstrous draughts, with the footnote, When Mens faces are drawn with resemblance to some other Animals, the Italians call it, to be drawn in Caricatura Thus, the word caricature essentially means a loaded portrait.

Some of the earliest caricatures are found in the works of Leonardo da Vinci, the point was to offer an impression of the original which was more striking than a portrait. Caricature took a road to its first successes in the aristocratic circles of France and Italy. These caricatures were the work of Brig. Elsewhere, two great practitioners of the art of caricature in 18th-century Britain were Thomas Rowlandson and James Gillray, Rowlandson was more of an artist and his work took its inspiration mostly from the public at large.

Gillray was more concerned with the vicious visual satirisation of political life and they were, however, great friends and caroused together in the pubs of London. In a lecture titled The History and Art of Caricature, the British caricaturist Ted Harrison said that the caricaturist can choose to either mock or wound the subject with an effective caricature.

Drawing caricatures can simply be a form of entertainment and amusement — in which case gentle mockery is in order — or the art can be employed to make a social or political point. A caricaturist draws on the characteristics of the subject, the acquired characteristics. Sir Max Beerbohm, created and published caricatures of the men of his own time. His style of single-figure caricatures in formalized groupings was established by and his published works include Caricatures of Twenty-five Gentlemen, The Poets Corner, and Rossetti and His Circle.

He published widely in magazines of the time, and his works were exhibited regularly in London at the Carfax Gallery. George Cruikshank created political prints that attacked the family and leading politicians. He went on to create caricatures of British life for popular publications such as The Comic Almanack 9. In Austria, he began his career in Vienna before moving to Germany where he had his breakthrough, first on the stage, then in film in Berlin in the late s.

Lorre caused a sensation in the German film M, in which he portrayed a serial killer who preys on little girls. Eventually settling in Hollywood, he became a featured player in many Hollywood crime. In his initial American films, Mad Love and Crime and Punishment, he continued to play murderers, but he was then cast playing Mr.

Moto, from to he mainly worked for Warner Bros. The first of these films at Warners was The Maltese Falcon and this was followed by Casablanca, the second of the nine films in which Lorre and Greenstreet appeared.

Lorres other films include Frank Capras Arsenic and Old Lace and Disneys 20, Leagues Under the Sea, frequently typecast as a sinister foreigner, his later career was erratic. He soon married his wifes best friend Melanie Klein, with whom he had two more children, however, Lorre and his stepmother never got along, and this colored his childhood memories. At the outbreak of the Second Balkan War inanticipating that this would lead to a larger conflict and he was serving on the Eastern Front during the winter of — before being put in charge of a prison camp due to heart trouble.

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In the late s, the moved to Berlin, where he worked with German playwright Bertolt Brecht, including a role in Brechts Mann ist Mann. Lang said that he had Lorre in mind while working on the script, the director believed that the actor gave his best performance in M and that it was among the most distinguished in film history.

Sharon Packer observed that Lorre played the loner, schizotypal murderer with raspy voice, bulging eyes, inLorre appeared alongside Hans Albers in the science fiction film F. Gang — Some criminal gang members are jumped in or have to prove their loyalty by committing acts such as theft or violence.

A member of a gang may be called a gangster or a thug, in early usage, the word gang referred to a group of workmen. In the United Kingdom, the word is often used in this sense. In current usage, it denotes a criminal organization or else a criminal affiliation. The word gang often carries a connotation, however, within a gang which defines itself in opposition to mainstream norms.

The word gang derives from the past participle of Old English gan and it is cognate with Old Norse gangster, meaning journey. In discussing banditry in American history Barrington Moore, Jr, according to some estimates the Thuggee gangs in India murdered 1 million people between and The 17th century saw London terrorized by a series of organized gangs, some of known as the Mims, Hectors, Bugles.

These gangs often came into conflict with each other, the members dressed with colored ribbons to distinguish the different factions.

Chicago had over 1, gangs in the s, Gang involvement in drug trafficking increased during the s and s, but some gangs continue to have minimal involvement in the trade. In the United States, the history of gangs began on the East Coast in following the American Revolution, the emergence of the gangs was largely attributed to the vast rural population immigration to the urban areas.

Inthere were approximatelyactive street gang members in the United States, approximatelygang members were in U. There were at least 30, gangs andgang members active across the USA inaboutgang members lived within local communities across the country, and aboutwere in U.

A December 13, The New York Times article about growing gang violence on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation estimated that there were 39 gangs with 5, members on that reservation alone. Are you bored with the club or bar dating scene or other online dating sites that don't just don't get it? Both gangsters are performed by the Warner studio's longtime chief voice actorMel Blanc.

Despite Rocky's tough-guy demeanor, everlasting cigar or cigarette and foppish gangster dress, he really is little more than a dwarf in a much-too-large hat. Are you a passionate Latino girl looking for successful, athletic, good looking guy to spice up your love life with all the good things? The dating scene in Latin is fast heating up as more and more singles from Latin America, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico and even Asia plunge into the world of online dating to find their Latino girl.

Around the end of the song, Rocky and Mugsy joined in on the final verse of the song with Nasty Canastaan angry bride, a female cannibal, a grizzly bearand Toro the Bull.

Robinson and "Hugo" a caricatured Peter Lorre. Also in Bugs Bunny Lost in Time the pair are bosses of the s era. Rocky is aided by a new thug, "Mugsy". You will be amazed at our secure, relaxed and exciting dating atmosphere conducive for enhancing meaningful romantic relationships meant to last a lifetime. Racketeer Rabbit - Features a prototype of Rocky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sign up today on Latino Dating and have a taste of the true Latino dating!

In the film, Bugs decides to find himself a new home, but the one he chooses is unfortunately occupied by a duo of bank robbers. Its your Turn to Meet Someone Amazing Although his body type is similar to that of Nick's, he has less hair and is even less intelligent.

Rocky is the leader, and Mugsy is the comic relief. Type of Villains Dimwitted Gangsters Rocky and Mugsy are a pair of old-school gangsters from Looney Tunes who have come into conflict with Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tune characters in various cartoons.