Dating and academic performance contract

NACUA Note: Amorous Relationships

dating and academic performance contract

Anything that takes up your time, attention and energy can affect how well you do in school. The impact of your dating life on academic performance will depend. The Satisfactory Academic Progress Plan is an agreement between ______. Rivier College to ensure successful academic performance. It is understood that the. As part of my success contract, I will take responsibility for my academic Receive additional support and information from Financial Aid Office on (Date).

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Dating & Academic Performance

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dating and academic performance contract

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Does Dating As a Student Negatively Affect Your Grades?

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Even when both parties initially have consented, the development of a sexual relationship renders both the faculty member and the institution vulnerable to possible later allegations of sexual harassment in light of the significant power differential that exists between faculty members and students. In their relationships with students, members of the faculty are expected to be aware of their professional responsibilities and to avoid apparent or actual conflict of interest, favoritism, or bias.

When a sexual relationship exists, effective steps should be taken to ensure unbiased evaluation or supervision of the student.

dating and academic performance contract

A sexual or romantic relationship[] involving individuals in a teacher-student relationship. Such an interaction may be a violation of another University policy and subject to separate disciplinary procedures.

Dating & Academic Performance | Synonym

If any faculty, staff, or student worker of Knox College is found to be in violation of this Policy, disciplinary action will be taken on a case by case basis and in accordance with appropriate disciplinary procedures contained in relevant handbooks, policies, procedures, practices, or contracts. Disciplinary actions may include but are not limited to written warnings, loss of privileges, mandatory training or counseling, probation, suspension, demotion, and termination of employment, including revocation of tenure.

Its policy covers most of the ground discussed below, and may serve as a useful backdrop for discussions surrounding such policies on other campuses.

The University is committed to the principle that its personnel shall carry out their duties in an objective and ethical fashion and in an atmosphere in which conflicts of interest are identified and managed.

The University does not interfere with private choices regarding personal relationships when these relationships do not interfere with the goals and policies of the University.


Policy on Consensual Relationships 2 Oct. Consensual Relationships and Conflicts of Interest Nov. Relationships which are not consensual are prohibited under other sections of the sexual harassment policy. Supportive Partners A supportive dating partner can encourage you when you need to be motivated. He may be willing to work together on projects or help you to study for exams. Be cautious about dating someone who is more concerned with hanging out.

Impact of Relationships of Academic Achievement of At Risk Students

If your date has no patience for the time you must devote to studying, put an end to the relationship before it begins affecting your schoolwork. Consider that relationships require time and energy to keep them going. The more you grow to like someone the stronger the desire you will have to connect with her by meeting up or talking through different media. If you are going out a few times a week, you will have less time and energy for studying.