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The kids' father comes to see them and instead of telling Mel or Joe he's who was shot and stabbed multiple times in his Port Orange home in Episode: A Very Dubya Halloween () Episode: A Very Important Date ( ). The kids' father comes to see them and instead of telling Mel or Joe he's who was shot and stabbed multiple times in his Port Orange home in .. Episode: A Very Dubya Halloween () Episode: A Very Important Date ( ). Aug 11, her two latest targets, a single father and his young daughter, from a group of supernatural assassins. .. A pretty, popular teenager can't go out on a date until her ill-tempered older sister does. The Oranges () campaign promise to move to Canada if George "Dubya" Bush gets re-elected.

We don't know and unlike the Tricycle stage play Honor Bound, the film doesn't cleave closely to actual testimony. Where it excels beyond anything you've ever seen is as a Rough Guide to bumbling into a war zone. It's believable that wild boys on an adventure would want to explore the next country.

They think they may be able to deal with the language and they've heard the naan bread loaves are huge. So they plunge in. And it all goes terribly wrong. Michael Winterbottom and co-director Mat Whitecross have shot this story on location with intense vividness.

Afghanistan in and is madness, chaos, and war.

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This is in-your-face film-making of a peculiarly intense kind. Although the play is more thoughtful and provides more perspective, Winterbottom's intense, gutsy agitprop is far more powerful. Its second half really just brings to life and adds detail to what we already know: Finally the Tipton boys are called "The Three Kings" and given special treatment when, somewhat inexplicably, they've been cleared. At this point much of the world protests this treatment of untried and un-accused prisoners that has now persisted for five years.

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With hunger strikes and attempted suicides and in the recent wake of three successful coordinated suicides of prisoners, some of America's closest allies are calling for "Gitmo" to be shut down, and even Bush has said he wants to. Winterbottom's pseudo-documentary, skillfully interspersed with actual documentary footage, is based on information provided by the three surviving Tipton Three.

No one to my knowledge has been released back to the US or if anyone has, he hasn't spoken up. The play seems a little namby-pamby now. The movie seems careless.

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The job of the Director of Photography is to bring the story to life through the creation of images to draw the attention of the viewer where the Director wants.

Few films are as good of an example of this as W. Papamichael used the camera to force moral and emotional perspective in a way that I have rarely seen outside of the films of Stanley Kubrick.

I've only seen the film once, viewing it as a complete work. I intend to watch it again to study the photography. Overall, I thought the film was fair in its treatment of the actual people involved.

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The most ardent Bush supporters will not like it, but to still be that supportive of him in the final months of his second term, you either have to not be paying attention or be uncritical in all of your thought. While artistic license was taken throughout the film, the portrayal of all events and people, with the possible exception of Dick Cheney, were far more grounded in reality and recorded history than I expected.

The film made me uncomfortable on multiple levels, which is why it succeeds and deserves such a high rating. The portrayal of Bush's relationship with his parents, especially his father, forces the viewer to feel sorry for him. The overt religiosity that pervades the public service portion of his life must anger anyone who believes strongly in the separation of church and state.