Eileen and rigby dating quotes

Regular show play date - rigby passes time with eileen.

eileen and rigby dating quotes

The following is a list of quotes from the fifth season of Regular Show. 27 Play Date []; 28 Expert or Liar []; 29 Catching the Wave []; 30 Gold Watch (Mordecai stops the car and Shoves Rigby out of the car and drives away): Rigby: Ah, man! .. Mordecai: But C.J. and Eileen helped us to make this better cake. The following is a list of quotes from the sixth season of Regular Show. 23 Not Great Double Date []; 24 Death Kwon Do-Livery []; 25 Lunch Break [ Mordecai, Rigby, CJ, and Eileen run toward the window, but Wyatt stops]: Eileen: . The following is a list of quotes from the seventh season of Regular Show. . Mordecai: Uh, don't worry, dude, we'll help you get your girlfriend back. [Rigby and Eileen are both eating their sandwiches at the cafe]: Rigby: Hey, do you want to.

Skips, set up the table. Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost, go buy balloons.


Mordecai and Rigby, you're picking up the cake. Yup, it's prepaid and everything. All you have to do is pick it up. Just give them the receipt and bring the cake back. Pickin' up the cake, pickin' up the cake! Pickin' up the cake, gonna do it great!

Just pick up the cake and try not to ruin my big day. I though it was Maellard's day. Did I not make myself perfectly clear?!

eileen and rigby dating quotes

We just had a few setbacks. There was this angry woman And these shaggy-looking business guys It's just a little too big to get out the door.

But now we got this teleporter, so-- Benson: Are you kidding me?! But the teleporter-- Benson: We can still save the party! This is not a recording. We noticed earlier you deleted your profile. So sad to see ya go.

eileen and rigby dating quotes

We really appreciate your business, so I'm beggin' ya to rejoin. If you come back to us today, you'll get free romantic coupons. To rejoin, say "yee-haw! Told ya I wasn't a recording! What do ya mean "adios", pardner? Uh, I don't need Couple Corral anymore. I'm in a relationship now, so Here's what I'm thinkin'. Break up with CJ. Break up with her and rejoin my site! Dude, I'm happy with CJ.

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Will you be though after we dredge through her profile? Isn't keeping her information, like, really illegal? How do you expect her to be committed to you when this girl can't even commit to a hairstyle? Now leave me alone. The hatch opens and McIntyre comes out. Break up with her! Dude, what's your deal?! Aren't we the point of your site? Shouldn't you want us to stay together? Lonely people lead to subscribers.

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Subscribers lead to more clicks. More clicks somehow lead to millions of dollars.

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Millions of dollars lead to sweet corporate-branded stuff. Happy couples have been leavin' in droves! Dude, just sell your stuff!

My crooked lawyer told me this is the only way!

eileen and rigby dating quotes

We're really into each other! If you won't break up with her I'll do it for ya. Let me introduce you to the Couple Corral "Breakup-ulator". He fires a missile with "It's not you, it's me. CJ falls back, and Mordecai's body rolls onto the beach. He lies lifeless with CJ's gift in his hand with bruises and scrapes on him along with his hair and suit cut up a little and messed up.

That didn't work out like I wanted it to. The water around McIntyre becomes turbulent. The car's bull horn-shaped hood ornament flies up into McIntyre's blimp, rupturing it.

The blimp plummets down toward McIntyre's submarine. Transition to CJ, back to normal, crying over Mordecai's body with his head on her lap. Then Mordecai began to cough and groan] CJ: Yeah, I used to get lost in the woods a lot. It's called Ursa Major, not Ursula Merger. And that's not even it. You think it made Rigby jealous? Tell them that Rigby was really funny as the Pizza King. I'm bringing the cake.

Do you think Mordecai knows you planned this last minute party, just so you can dance with him? We still have some cake inside! I'm a lion tamer! Yeah, deep voice uh, the pizza you ordered is here. You weren't exacty brave, Rigby but I still think you're pretty cool. I think I'm gonna like the remake better. There's some great costumes in here!

Rigby x Eileen

It will be fun! Are you upset because you can't do a pull up and you might get fired? Muscle Man was in here earlier. He was selling tickets to watch you fail. You know, maybe I can help you. I was on the pep squad in high school. I think I see the problem. You're not visualizing your own success. I know you can do it. Rigby trained really hard for this. He wouldn't just blow it off.

eileen and rigby dating quotes

I'll go check on him. There are no shortcuts to physical fitness. I'll take my chances Rigby hugs Eileen and her spine breaks Totally worth it. These burritos taste like failure.

Regular show rigby and eileen dating quotes

I hope he doesn't invite a lot of people we don't know. Oh, it was all Mordecai's idea. Aw Starla, Muscle Man totally loves you. It's the only way to be a rock star. Not for another hour.

In the meantime, I like to take down new stars in my star log. In my astronomy club, we pick uncharted stars and name them and I got to name that greenish one "Romulus 5".