Feeling discouraged about dating and relationships

feeling discouraged about dating and relationships

But are those dates resulting in the relationship you were looking for? . don't allow yourself to remain in that state, and don't allow that discouragement to affect. Q: I just turned 30 and I'm single, while all of my friends are married, engaged, or seriously dating someone. I'm confident, happy, and have a. Why You Get Discouraged With Dating After PLUS, Get Your FREE Special Dating Report 7 Best Places To Find Mr. Right. All Here!.

On the eve of my 30th birthday, a guy I had met on a dating app and I were essentially just spending time together out of boredom. I called that off, though, after getting to know his personality a bit better. There were so many red flags. He lived in a pig sty with another gross single guy. I ignored the comments, I cleaned his place whenever I was over, which was a lot.

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I made a fool of myself, calling him after my shifts to see if I could come over instead of driving home and living my own life. You see, I was still coming from a place of desperation. The recent breakup had rocked my world and I just wanted SO badly to cocoon myself in another relationship, to not face the reality that I could wind up alone, unwanted. So I made a fool out of myself and chased this guy, even though he never ever earned that.

At the root of it, I just wanted to convince him to like me. Obviously, he sensed the place of desperation I was coming from, and that unravelled within 6 weeks or so, right around New Years, a few months after my birthday.

feeling discouraged about dating and relationships

So I decided to just stop. I realized I was in some sort of weird spiral and needed to find my way out of it. So I started reading books and meditating. Instead of finding things outside myself to focus my energy on, I redirected it all to myself. A I was coming across as desperate and B I was SO ready to overlook red flags and continue down obviously doomed paths. They were about how to create and set expectations and boundaries, how to think about and take care of your SELF first and foremost.

Why Men Marry Bitches: Whether I intended to follow any of them or not, it made sense to know the rules by which a lot of the people I encountered in the dating world might be playing. Even if it was because I was experimentally following sexist, archaic rules? ALL of the above came together to completely transform the way I went about dating, but it STILL took me awhile to put everything into practice effectively. The next guy I dated, I met on Hinge.

He was funny and attractive and decent in bed. However, about 4 weeks in, I caught him lying to me about being gone on a business trip when he had REALLY come back to town a few days earlier. But instead, I gave a big speech about not accepting lying and deceit in my relationships, not accepting excuses, etc. Finally, I wised up, as I continued to read articles and think about how to effectively apply what I was reading.

So I broke up with him. The next guy, I met on Tinder. He was a doctor, and had this dark past recovered alcoholic that meant that all our meet-ups turned into him basically using me as a therapist. However, I now knew to have my guard up about the sorts of people I was naturally attracted to. I used everything I had learned from the books to watch his behavior closely. The lack of ability to have small talk.

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The focus on sexual connection to the exclusion of all else. The seeming lack of urgency to see me. Sure, he was throwing me bones that OLD me would have latched onto and taken hope from — brought me a stuffed animal when he came back from a long overseas trip, sent cute texts randomly, etc.

But soemthing was off. I dated another guy I met at the gym. Again, I made mistakes. There was a lot of drama with his recent ex that should have sent me running for the hills. There was a lot of immaturity that I over-looked. In the end, it was the things I had learned from the books and articles that saved me from wasting more than about 6 weeks with him.

So you can see how things are a progression. You learn a little, you apply that learning the best you can, and you hopefully learn a little more and go on to apply more and more of your learning until you reach your goal of completely changed needs and behaviors.

For me, something clicked after Gym Guy.

Discouraged about dating

I realized I was nearing my 31st birthday. To help identify unhealthy patterns, write out a timeline of several past relationships. Write down common characteristics of those partners, why you broke up and common feelings that you had around them. As you look over your relationships, you may see patterns emerging.

A Strong Sense of Self. Do you have a healthy sense of self-worth? Do you feel confident in what you have to offer a partner? Are you clear about what you need in life to feel fulfilled? It's essential to feel secure in your sense of self and not to feel that you have to apologize for who you are.

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It's really liberating to be content with you. Plus, you are more likely to attract good potential mates when you feel worthy of receiving love from someone you would admire and respect. Now, what if you do feel good about where you are in life? What if you've moved on from your past, you've broken free of unhealthy patterns and you're truly ready for love? You may be thinking, Hey, I've done everything I'm supposed to do -- I have an active social life with solid friendships, I do yoga, I have a great job, I'm 'putting myself out there' by asking friends to set me up and by doing online dating.

I even went to therapy. What more can a person possibly do!? The frustration is understandable. Sometimes, it's not about doing more.

You may already be doing your part.

Discouraged about dating

At this point, it's more about continuing to take care of yourself and not getting even more discouraged by the fact that dating is still taking a bit longer than you expected. You must find ways to not give up your hope of finding love. You must learn to deal with dating burnout, but never give up. Here are the best ways to cope: Having acceptance doesn't mean you accept that you are going to be alone for the rest of your life. Quite the contrary; you can have acceptance while still working hard to meet a great potential partner.

feeling discouraged about dating and relationships

Acceptance, instead, has to do with acknowledging your life as it is right now. It means accepting that right now, for whatever reason, you haven't found the right person. Acceptance is about being OK with where you're at -- it doesn't mean you love it, or even that you want it to be like this, but it does mean that you understand that there's no point denying it or agonizing over it.

You simply accept that right now, it is what it is. Dating burnout likely means that you need to change things up, even if it's a small, temporary change.

If you're feeling like you've had a series of bum relationships or no-go dates and you're at your wit's end, it might be time to take a dating break. Take a week or two and give yourself a break from engaging in any new relationship.

When you're feeling stuck in a rut, giving yourself some space can be extremely refreshing. It takes the pressure off, and it gives you a chance to let go of some of the negativity that might be lingering from your not-so-successful recent past dates.

It's very hard to feel positive about dating if you're burned out.