Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating games

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hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating games

With Kyosuke Hamao, Daisuke Watanabe, Yukihiro Takiguchi, Ryôma Baba. Another school year is starting. Upon meeting up with Gii, Takumi is worried when it. Daisuke Watanabe never planned to get close to anyone he had no time. A DaiMao vampire fic: Hamao Kyousuke, a young talent that is dreaming of. Date: Triple Zone #23 will be on air on February 26, (WED) daimao hamao kyousuke daisuke watanabe watanabe daisuke baba.

A task that is harder than he expected. Just need to build up some ideas. I like playing with these boys a lot. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Hamao Kyousuke, a young talent that is dreaming of becoming a renowned performer gets the chance of becoming the assistant of Watanabe Daisuke, an actor who has made a name for himself in the industry.

Kyousuke finds that there is something strange about the handsome man who keeps to himself. Little does he know that Daisuke is indeed hiding a dark secret What could have happened to the ebony-haired youth that would cause such a change in him?

Read and find out! One has a past that's shaken him and the other has sworn to protect and heal. A bond forms and grows with them, as life provides twists and turns in their path to true love and happiness.

Because I wasn't comfortable enough in Takumi's shoes. Mao-chan will do it better. His natural shyness and Takumi's anxiety will fit well together. I don't want to encourage that. Let's stick to your problem.

Maybe you should ask the previous Gii for advice. Look, it wasn't easy for us either. Ask Takki how much nervous laughter there was, how many awkward apologies.

All you can do is your best. If it goes badly, that's what therapists are for. Be supportive and careful, but do what you need to.

Tell him how you're feeling. If it gets too hard, Mao-chan will tell you. Buchou, did you - " "If I have to face my problems, so do you. Keisuke was demanding to know what happened on the subway, and Tomo insisted it was nothing. Daisuke stayed on the line long enough to hear "Dai-chan, thank Takki for telling me! With a forlorn sigh, Daisuke dropped down to the grass and pressed his face to his knees.

A few minutes passed before he heard someone approaching. So this is where you were. Even in his present conflict, the seventeen-year-old's presence was soothing. Giant crush, Tomo said. Sensei said we're leaving that to the audience's imagination. And our characters are the same age. So, it shouldn't matter to you.

I feel like I'm some old lecher who's despoiling you. Daisuke lifted his head to find his kouhai looking dejected. I know I should be doing this better. No, no, Mao-kun, don't say that. Takumi's supposed to be nervous, and you've never done anything like this before," Daisuke babbled.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating games

Do you go to a school for the blind or something? And really, I'd rather you play Takumi than anyone else. I love that we're getting to spend all this time together.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating games

It's just me, I'm being stupid. I mean, you are okay, right? I'm not hurting you? Yokoi-sensei explained what I'd have to do when he offered me the role. I'm so glad that you're Gii. Strange, that this kind of closeness felt so comfortable between them, no tension, no awkwardness, unlike their intimate scenes for the movie. It made Daisuke wonder if they had become somethng more than friends, if there was something between that and lovers, an unexplored space they now inhabited.

He was so determined to protect his co-star that he didn't feel he could bring it up with Kyousuke. If the movie does well, they're going to call us back for sequels.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating games

Are you going to keep hovering over me? Tomo texted me a few minutes ago, saying you need to talk to me. I - " "Watanabe-san, Hamao-kun!

Hamao Kyousuke N Watanabe Daisuke

Without thinking, Daisuke brushed the stray blades of grass off the younger himself. Kyousuke read nothing into this, assuming his senpai was merely getting into character. It was, after all, a very Gii thing to do. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep!

The pajama-covered shoulders he clutched were so thin, the boy below him so small. He's so small, so young I get it, he's a teenager and wants his hot boyfriend, but Takumi is so innocent and inexperienced. Agh, shut up, self! Through Daisuke's always-excellent acting, Kyousuke thought he caught a glimmer of uncertainty, possibly remorse.

He wondered if his co-star was still feeling guilty and wished he could smile reassurance, but Takumi had to look uncertain. Nervous, even, as Kyousuke was himself. At this rate, I Takumi didn't react at first, then shivered. In truth, it hadn't been as hard as he expected. Well done, both of you. The cameraman's assistant polished a lens and looked at Kyousuke with a paternal smile. I was just nervous.

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I would have trouble doing this stuff even at my age. Everyone had been so kind and understanding to him here, most of all Daisuke, who returned to the bed and plopped down on the mattress hard enough to shake the whole thing. He wanted to be sure you're up for the next scene. It's not normal, your first kisses and gropes should be done with someone you care about.

Watanabe Daisuke

Who's to say that doing this with a girlfriend would be any more special than this, when this way we might be making a lot of girls happy? I really am fine, please don't worry about me. He blinked it back and drew Kyousuke into a gentle, protective hug, almost absently running a soothing hand up and down his back.

The soft black hair was like satin against his cheek, and instinctively Daisuke turned his head to inhale its scent. How did Kyousuke manage to smell so good, no matter the time of day or night? Even during Tenimyu, when they all bounced off the stage sweaty and headed for their hotel bathrooms, Kyousuke looked as fresh as he had that morning. Maybe I should tell Mao we need to practice hugging too. It's easier to smell him when I'm not busy trying to keep my tongue out of his mouth.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating games

Daisuke chortled and sat back, finding the slightly embarrassed look on Kyousuke's face adorable. A small part of him even hoped that the boy never got comfortable with what they were doing, because it was so cute, because it fed Takumi's understandable reticence. And because it will keep me from jumping on him. Damn, I think Tomo was right.

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Just move and act in a way that feels natural. Hamao-kun, that's how I want you to react. He's using pleasure to escape from himself. Just let your hands wander, within reason of course, same with your mouth.

I'm fine with that. Let's all do our best for this scene. Mao is talkative when he is with Daichan. Our group came back to the room, we intended to take a rest before having dinner. We would meet each other at the 16th floor. When Elle, Meaw and Joy waited for us at their floor, there was a funny and interesting thing happening.

While they were standing near the elevator, they heard a noise like something falling down, so they turned back to see what happpened, and saw Mao there with his cell phone. Elle smiled at Mao, but she was very exhausted, so her smile may be not joyful or Mao thoutht that the fans stalk him so tightly, followed him even to this floor.

But just a moment later, he thoutht over and maybe he realized that fans followed him because of loving him so much. Mao started to walk up and down the passage-way near them. After a long long time walking up and down, there were still no one speaking to him, Mao got upset and press the elevator to go downstairs. We were inside the elevator going down from 17th floor.

When the door opened, we saw Mao. He was happy again. It was very easy to cheer him up: We had dinner, then came back to the hotel to wait for DaiMao. About 7 pm, Mitsui appeared. He changed his hair style and held something in his hands, maybe they were the reward or something like that for the party. The elevator which is nearest to us opened, DaiMao walked out.

OMG, they are wonderful princes. They are so much gorgeous. Mao wore a silver jacket and black pants. Daichan wore the grey suit. They looked brighter than the character in The prince part 1.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating games

After watching DaiMao going to the boat, we went back to our room, and about 1 hour later, Elle called to ask whether we want to have a drink at the bar. It would be our farewell party, because we would check out tomorrow. And we would have the chance to waif for DaiMao too. Finally, DaiMao went back to the hall, stood in a distance about 1. When Mao walked out off the pillar, I saw him rubbing the moisturizing lipstick on his cute lips.

He looked so much adorable. DaiMao stood there, talked to the staffs. Then they moved to the main hall, continued to talk to each other. Before DaiMao appeared again, we were discussing about the time to check out. So Chuoi and I told Elle that we would go to the receptionist to ask the time, and to see DaiMao too.

The lucky angel smiled at us again. We met DaiMao on the way going to the receptionist. At that time, Daichan heard my words too, and he laughed a lot. DaiMao kept going to the elevator.