Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

DaiMao fanfiction, "Ready" - {Hamao Kyosuke}

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

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hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

When you submit a story, please identify the genre s of your fanfic and the fiction rating. It's just me, I'm being stupid. I mean, you are okay, right? I'm not hurting you? Yokoi-sensei explained what I'd have to do when he offered me the role. I'm so glad that you're Gii. Strange, that this kind of closeness felt so comfortable between them, no tension, no awkwardness, unlike their intimate scenes for the movie.

It made Daisuke wonder if they had become somethng more than friends, if there was something between that and lovers, an unexplored space they now inhabited.

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He was so determined to protect his co-star that he didn't feel he could bring it up with Kyousuke. If the movie does well, they're going to call us back for sequels. Are you going to keep hovering over me?

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

Tomo texted me a few minutes ago, saying you need to talk to me. I - " "Watanabe-san, Hamao-kun! Without thinking, Daisuke brushed the stray blades of grass off the younger himself.

Kyousuke read nothing into this, assuming his senpai was merely getting into character. It was, after all, a very Gii thing to do. Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep! The pajama-covered shoulders he clutched were so thin, the boy below him so small. He's so small, so young I get it, he's a teenager and wants his hot boyfriend, but Takumi is so innocent and inexperienced.

Agh, shut up, self! Through Daisuke's always-excellent acting, Kyousuke thought he caught a glimmer of uncertainty, possibly remorse. He wondered if his co-star was still feeling guilty and wished he could smile reassurance, but Takumi had to look uncertain.

Nervous, even, as Kyousuke was himself.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

At this rate, I Takumi didn't react at first, then shivered. In truth, it hadn't been as hard as he expected. Well done, both of you. The cameraman's assistant polished a lens and looked at Kyousuke with a paternal smile. I was just nervous. I would have trouble doing this stuff even at my age. Everyone had been so kind and understanding to him here, most of all Daisuke, who returned to the bed and plopped down on the mattress hard enough to shake the whole thing.

He wanted to be sure you're up for the next scene. It's not normal, your first kisses and gropes should be done with someone you care about. Who's to say that doing this with a girlfriend would be any more special than this, when this way we might be making a lot of girls happy?

I really am fine, please don't worry about me. He blinked it back and drew Kyousuke into a gentle, protective hug, almost absently running a soothing hand up and down his back. The soft black hair was like satin against his cheek, and instinctively Daisuke turned his head to inhale its scent. How did Kyousuke manage to smell so good, no matter the time of day or night?

Even during Tenimyu, when they all bounced off the stage sweaty and headed for their hotel bathrooms, Kyousuke looked as fresh as he had that morning.

Maybe I should tell Mao we need to practice hugging too. It's easier to smell him when I'm not busy trying to keep my tongue out of his mouth. Daisuke chortled and sat back, finding the slightly embarrassed look on Kyousuke's face adorable.

A small part of him even hoped that the boy never got comfortable with what they were doing, because it was so cute, because it fed Takumi's understandable reticence. And because it will keep me from jumping on him. Damn, I think Tomo was right. Just move and act in a way that feels natural. Hamao-kun, that's how I want you to react. He's using pleasure to escape from himself. Just let your hands wander, within reason of course, same with your mouth.

I'm fine with that. Let's all do our best for this scene. Of course, Daisuke had seen Kyousuke topless before, and felt no less guilty now about subtly eyeing his almost too-thin torso. Pedophile, pedophile, pervert, he's a minor. Daisuke slid behind him, not pressed against him yet, but close enough to speak very softly.

He took a moment to squeeze the boy's twitching hand, and Kyousuke nodded in answer to the unspoken question.

hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

He pushed his nose into the silky black hair to kiss the nape, then moved his lips to what was bared of the neck. Takumi trembled a little, from arousal, Gii hoped, rather than residual fear. As turned on as he was, Gii couldn't keep his thoughts from running together in a muddled stream.

"wiwit eka volkova" hamao kyousuke love daisuke watanabe (takumi kun ~an0 hareta a0z0ra) :'(

He's so beautiful he's so perfect God his skin his hair smells so good he's so pure he's been hurt so badly but I never will I'll protect him forever I want him so much want to be inside him but he's not ready yet maybe never will be but he feels amazing and he's letting me do this he's really letting me Gii's hand strayed to the front of the squirming body to caress the stomach and chest, the flatness and developing muscles.

Fingers felt their way all over, careful to stay above the waist, marveling at how perfect the skin was, finer and smoother than any girl's. Gii's lips roamed too, pressing kisses all along the line of shoulder into arm and the neck that every touch to caused a slight tremble. Without thinking, Gii began to slowly and lightly thrust against the backside in front of his groin. Kyousuke felt this but didn't break character, just continued to react to being touched and kissed.

He was busy maintaining a balance between Takumi's slight fear and the enjoyment the character was feeling, had probably never thought he could feel until now. So Kyousuke didn't give it much thought until the organ pushing against him most definitely began to harden. His form jerked slightly in response, but no one seemed to notice, and the boy gave no other sign of surprise. As he continued to be Takumi, Kyousuke mentally talked himself down from the slight panic he was starting to feel.

He told himself it was just a physical reaction to them being so close together. After all, Tomo had warned him that this might happen with Dai-chan and that it didn't mean anything He figured the professional thing to do would be to ignore it, and that's the course he was determined to take. Daisuke certainly didn't seem to be bothered - if anything, he was kissing and touching more fervently, feverishly even. Print, that was perfect! Daisuke, looking flushed and breathless, stayed long enough to ask if he was okay and receive an affirmative answer, then sprang off the bed.

Kyousuke quickly grabbed his script and studied it, trying to ignore the exchange of smirks between crew members, Iwata whispering to an assistant, "Well, who could blame him? Meanwhile, Daisuke's heart was nearly thudding out of his chest as he speed-walked down the corridor, barefoot and shirtless and uncaring of how odd he must look. He reached the nearest bathroom, prayed that it was unoccupied, and it was. With a shaky sigh, he locked the door, pushed down his pants and tried to think of swimsuit models as he began to stroke himself.

No image would stay, not his father's stash of American Playboys, not the girls who'd snuck backstage during Tenimyu, not Kaeri who he'd had a few flings with at university. Mao came into his mind, all pretty features and flawless skin, and before he knew it, he was spurting hard. The shooting of Bibou No Detail was running smoothly, the returned cast and crew a well-oiled machine by now. Daisuke found it easy to step back into his character, having actually missed him during their break, and more than that, he had missed Kyousuke.

As they were now firmly best friends, the two young actors spent as much time together as they could, though both had been busy with various projects. Much of their time with each other was spent practicing touching and kissing, and Daisuke was amazed by how far Kyousuke had come.

He no longer flinched or tensed but actively, eagerly kissed back, put his arms around the elder, made no sign of objection when hands went under his shirt or rested on his thighs. He really was growing up. What the two actors were to each other remained unspoken and uncertain. Daisuke had accepted that he'd fallen for his Mao, and sometimes thought he'd caught a conflicted, questioning look on Kyousuke's face, as though he wanted to ask or confess something.

The boy had recently broken up with his first and only girlfriend after only a few months, and though Daisuke offered sympathy, he was to his great shame pleased by this turn of events. He felt a possessiveness of Kyousuke that he had never wanted or planned, ever since the day of their first Tenimyu cast meeting when the shy boy was introduced to him. Mao, where are you? We've got a love scene to shoot, and it's not like you to be late.

To save time, Yokoi was checking the second floor while Daisuke had just entered the third, heading to their shared bedroom where he figured Kyousuke was most likely to be. Singing a Tenimyu song under his breath, Daisuke was about two rooms away when he heard a thudding sound from somewhere nearby, shortly followed by a familiar voice crying out in panic.

Daisuke immedately broke into a run and flew at their door, throwing it open to reveal a sight that made him choke on air. Kyousuke against the left-hand wall, lighting assistant Iwata holding his thin wrists with one hand, and the other inside the boy's pants. Daisuke barely had time to register his co-star's tears and unsteady breathing before he was inside, ripping the man off his love and throwing him onto the floor. Mao, are you okay? Trying to soothe him as best he could, Daisuke looked down on the assailant with a murderous expression.

He didn't say no! You were restraining him!

Unwilling, a takumi-kun series/6月の自尊心 fanfic | FanFiction

He was asking for it. Is Hamao-kun all right? I heard Mao say no, but he didn't stop. Hamao-kun, do you wish me to call the police? You'll never be working for this company again. He, with great difficulty, got to his feet and stumbled out of the room. Once he was gone, Yokoi turned to the actors with a pitying look.

We'll pick up tomorrow, Hamao-kun, if you're feeling up to it. You can't do an intimate scene right after something like this. I'll leave you two alone. Daisuke waited until the door was closed before speaking. Did he hurt you? Thank you for coming in when you did. He prayed Kyousuke wouldn't flinch, and thanked the gods when he didn't.

I could never really get inside his head, never understand what he went through and how he feels. I do now, a little bit. Kyousuke's head easily and willingly found its usual spot on the elder's shoulder. Iwata-san followed me in, asking if he could talk to me privately. I said yes, and he closed the door. I didn't know what to say, so I told him I like someone else.

I thought he would leave, but then he pushed me against the wall. But you really should take the rest of the day like Sensei wants you to. I'm sure you don't want to be touched right now. Anyway, I can use what happened.