John hensley and joely richardson dating

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john hensley and joely richardson dating

However Miss Richardson has now stunned producers of the show by She has also dated her co-star John Hensley, who curiously plays her. We take a look at Joely Richardson's dating history on the release of her The Nip/Tuck star was also involved with John Hensley who played. Joely Richardson & John Hensley - Nip/Tuck was full of surprising and disturbing moments, but nothing could top the revelation that the show's mother and son.

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The dynamic of the show changed with the difficulty of what she was going through personallyplus what she is going through on the show this season playing the mother of a deformed baby. That said, Joely is the best she has ever been. Miss Richardson, the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and the late Tony Richardson, plays highly-strung mother, Julia in the series.

john hensley and joely richardson dating

She has also dated her co-star John Hensley, who curiously plays her teenage son Matt, despite being only 12 years younger than her. Despite having achieved success on both sides of the Atlantic - notable roles include the film Maybe Baby and the BBC adaptation of Lady Chatterley's Lover - Miss Richardson's love-life has not gone as smoothly.

At the age of 24 she embarked on a fling with Scottish landowner Archie Stirling who was more than twice her age and also married to actress Diana Rigg. Stirling subsequently chose his wife and teenage daughter Rachael over Miss Richardson, leaving her distraught. Bevan left her for year-old Amy Gadney and Miss Richardson filed for divorce in A fling with Robbie Williams and a year-long romance with television presenter Jamie Theakston followed.

Share or comment on this article: It was a million miles away from her healthy glow when she famously wowed crowds in a shimmering backless Julien Macdonald mini dress at the premiere of Maybe Baby in Nor has her fragile appearance gone unnoticed by her concerned friends, who have been saying privately for some time that she has been pushing herself far too hard. Those who have felt brave enough to broach the subject of her tired and frail appearance have been met with a knowing look from the actress.

Joely Richardson 'dating her on-screen son'

How ironic, then, given her own anxiety over the fickle world she inhabits, that she should have chosen last week to announce that Daisy is planning to follow her into acting. Miss Richardson paraded her daughter for the paparazzi outside the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice as she revealed: I suppose it's difficult to fight those odds.

You grow up around it.

john hensley and joely richardson dating

It's impossible to get away from it. But Joely was already sounding a note of caution. But I have to support my child's passion, just like my parents supported mine.

john hensley and joely richardson dating

Friends told the Mail this week that it was not just a case of wanting to oversee Daisy's treatment that prompted the actress to announce she was quitting last November. After four years of commuting back and forth across the Atlantic to her home in West London, and the cottage she recently bought near Daisy's school, Joely is, they say, utterly exhausted. After her announcement that she was leaving the series, she hinted that her daughter's health issues had not been her only motivation.

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Daisy sees the cracks and flaws," she added. Insiders on the show say the producers insisted she make the statement about Daisy's health after Joely made an emotional call from a film set in Canada to tell her bosses of her decision to leave. It doesn't look good for the show if your biggest stars are walking out. Joely returned to Britain to spend Christmas with her daughter while she set about decorating her new country home.

In the meantime, she has been doing the rounds of the see-and-be-seen parties in Hollywood as she talks of landing a role in a major movie her last film role of note was seven years ago, when she appeared in The Patriot alongside Mel Gibson. Joely, it seems, panicked at the thought of finding herself on the Hollywood scrap heap. Shortly after her departure from the show, she was sighing: Joely has remained single since her divorce in She was devastated when, after four years of marriage, Bevan left her and became involved with the then year-old artist Amy Gadney.

Joely went on to have a fling with Robbie Williams and a two-year, on-off relationship with TV presenter-turned actor Jamie Theakston. But that foundered when he was caught by a newspaper visiting a brothel at Christmas Her reluctance to commit to a man is understandable given her chequered romantic history.

Her own parents' marriage folded when Joely was a year old, and she and her elder sister, actress Natasha, were raised by their mother. Aged 24, Joely began an affair with Scottish businessman Archie Stirling, who as well as being more than twice her age was also married to the actress Diana Rigg.

john hensley and joely richardson dating