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interactions until Henry's phonecall with Sunny (when Sungmin was already engaged). tumblr_m90jx6frj31r1u3ezo1_gif. Song Joong Ki. Sunny garnered attention for her complete tips on dating a younger idol. On the August 28th special episode of 'Video Star,' Park Narae, Kim. After the mission, Song Joongki pointed at Sunny and said “Even be the guardian angel of Yoona”, showing envy towards their relationship.

This hyung is so serious smiles. I was scared of two things before going to the army. Any celebrity going to the army late might have some fears and wonder if you should just pitch a fast ball and be yourself. And it actually worked. Someone I really like talked to me before I went to the army and his words really gave me strength. Sohn Hyun Joon-sunbaenim, my drinking buddy.

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How much of a precious experience will it be for you as an actor to live with ordinary people as you all suffer together? Thinking about his advice when I was at the training camp made the pressure disappeared right away. I really had the feeling I was just somewhere to have fun which gave me good energy.

The only thing was that it was a very unfamiliar place and time was a bit long smiles. How did you become drinking buddy with Son Hyun Joon? I want to be able to do it too.

Song Joong Ki and Sunny experience love at first sight?

So we had this first phone conversation on the spot, I thoughtlessly asked him to buy me a drink and this is how we became closer after that.

We joke around like two friends, we talk about acting, about women, about life, and also about boring stuff.

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Thanks to the advice of your drinking buddy, the army turned into a vacation spot for you? Of course, there was some stuff I struggled with, and some physically exhausting stuff, but I tried to think of it in a positive way, so I was fine. To be honest, the army is about doing the same stuff. He excelled in his studies all through high school and scored points out of on his national college entrance test[7] gaining admission to Sungkyunkwan University.

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However, in one particular photo, the fans and supporters speculate that Song Hye Kyo might already be pregnant even before their wedding. He later narrated the six-part documentary Tears of the Antarctic for MBC program Tears of the Earthwhich focuses on pressing environmental issues on the planet and donated his entire salary to charity.

This brought him significant attention, and he became a cover model for the university magazine College. These days when rumors get past us, we tend to make a big fuss about things and it causes others to believe in false information.

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Navigation menu That is why Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki revealed Song joong ki dating sunny relationship through the press directly through their words, as they believe that is a courtesy for the fans. The following year, he appeared in the couple-swapping segment "Believe in the Moment" of omnibus Five Senses of Eros and continued to take on small but notable roles in Triple and Will It Snow for Christmas?

The source added, "They really didn't want the news of their relationship to be revealed by the media. Before dating with Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo was revealed to have felt uncomfortable with the idea of dating a celebrity. Popular Posts Even though the schedule would only be for short periods like 1 or 2 days, they would still accompany each other. In the drama series, the two played as a couple, which in the end turned from reel to real.

Overseas popularity[ edit ] Song made his small screen comeback in Descendants of the Sun alongside actress Song Hye-kyoplaying a military officer. When a person who they both trusted would ask about it, they would respond indifferently. The said photo showed Song Hye Kyo wearing a oversized powder blue coat.