Julianne phillips and george clooney dating

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julianne phillips and george clooney dating

Julianne Phillips dated George Clooney in the past, but they have since broken up. Julianne Phillips is currently available. Julianne Moore dazzles in a white coat dress while George Clooney try with over the knee boots and a sleek pony for your next date night?. Julianne Phillips (born May 6, [1]) is an American model and actress. Phillips garnered publicity as the girlfriend, and later the first wife, It is produced by George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Jean Doumanian, and Steve Traxler . The film.

Patricia was hired to take photos of Michael, and Michael was told that Pat McCallum was coming to do the shoot. He remembers waiting for some Irish man to arrive at his hotel, and being floored by who arrived instead.

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He says he will never take anything for granted again! The pair have a son Rick McCallum who is a movie producer. Lola Van Wagenen It seemed like it would be happily ever after for actor Robert Redford and his beautiful bride Lola van Wagenen, as the pair had a marriage which lasted almost 30 years, and four children together too.

But the couple split up inand have both moved on to find love again. Patricia is now married to George Burrill and is an accomplished historian, while Robert Redford is married to Sibylle Szaggars. The couple were married for 31 years, which made it all the more surprising when they split up in They did have two children together, Kyle Eastwood and Alison Eastwood, and they now have one grandchild too, Graylen Spencer Eastwood. Maggie never remarried, while Clint did marry Dina Eastwood, but the pair split up in The couple never seemed to have a honeymoon period, and Madonna even alleged domestic abuse at the time.

Since the split they have actually been seen speaking in public in more recent years, and they have clearly both moved on to better things. Madonna was married to Guy Richie for 8 years, and Penn has a 14 year marriage to Robin Wright, which sadly ended in Laura Diebel Comedy actor Tim Allen is a laugh a minute, so it must have been loads of fun being married to him. Just ask Laura Diebel, who was his wife for more than 18 years.

The pair dated for under a year before their wedding inand had a daughter together, Katherine Allen. They divorced inand while Laura has remained single, Tim remarried inhis current wife Jane Hajduk, and the pair have another daughter together, Elizabeth. Susan Geston We love a celebrity marriage which is still going strong, and this is certainly one of those stories.

Despite the differences between them, they fell in love, got married inand have three daughters together. And they seem just as in love as ever, if Bridges Academy Award acceptance speech in means anything. Tissues at the ready! The pair met on set, in the movie The Marrying Man, and they did indeed get married just three years later in Just nine years after they tied the knot, the couple divorced.

Ireland is now a model and an actress, and Kim is famously dating her hairdresser, Mick Stone. While many people said it would never last, the couple had twelve years together before they split up in The couple had one son, Indio. Since they split, Robert Downey Jr has only gone from strength to strength in his career, and Deborah has had some success in her musical career too.

She married Tennis superstar Andre Agassi inbut the marriage lasted only two short years. Brooke remarried into screenwriter Chris Henchy. Sinead Cusack You might not have heard of Sinead Cusack, but she is an Irish actress who has had some success on the stage, receiving two Tony award nominations during her career which has spanned four decades. Another long lasting achievement under her belt is her marriage to legendary Hollywood star Jeremy Irons.

The pair met before his fame, and have been married sincewith two sons together. They seem delightfully happy, and we love to see them together. Betsy Arakawa There is quite the age gap between Betsy Arakawa and her husband Gene Hackman, but the pair have been married for 25 years, proving the naysayers firmly wrong!

julianne phillips and george clooney dating

Betsy is 55, and works as a musician, as well as being the wife of the famous actor. Gene is now 87 years old, and the couple were married inafter dating for more than 7 years. Joanne Woodward Paul Newman was married twice, but we imagine that his half a century long marriage to Joanne Woodward was something truly unique. They met on the set of The Long Hot Summer, and were married just a year later. The couple had three children, and all photos of them together seem as blissfully happy as this one of their wedding day.

Sadly, Newman died inbut they had a connection and a relationship that most of us can only dream of. Despite that, when they met, there was clearly a spark, when LeBrock was cast in the movie, Woman in Red. The pair married inand had three children together, Annaliza, Dominic and Arissa, and then divorced in LeBrock remarried quickly the year after, to her current husband Fred Steck.

Jeramie Rain Richard Dreyfuss was already an award winning actor when he met Jeramie Rain, and the pair married and had three beautiful children together, Emily, Benjamin and Harry. The marriage lasted more than a decade, but they ended up divorcing in Since then, Richard Dreyfuss has had another unsuccessful marriage, and Jeramie Rain works as an actress, producer and screenwriter.

Diandra Luker Michael Douglas married Diandra almost straight from high school, as she was just 19 years old on their wedding day, while he was already The marriage lasted for over 20 years, and they got divorced in They have a son together, Cameron, who is also an actor, like his father and grandfather, Kirk Douglas.

Isabella Rossellini Isabella Rossellini is one of the most famous actresses of all time, and the daughter of legend, Ingrid Bergman.

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She was married to Martin Scorsese for just a few years, from Her other celebrity men have included a relationship with Gary Oldman in the nineties, and one with David Lynch shortly after her divorce. She has two children with her second husband John Weidermann, although the pair divorced in She also has a twin sister! Tea Leoni We love famous TV stars joining forces off screen!

Tea Leoni married David Duchovny inand the pair were pretty stable untildespite a short split in the middle. After they split up, Tea went on to marry Tim Daly, from hit television show Wings. She herself is now Madam Secretary, which has also become a cult hit. She also has a brother, Thomas Pantaleoni. As well as her two marriages to Rick Salomon, she was also married to Kid Rock, and then most famously to the father of her children, Tommy Lee.

Unfortunately, she has as many divorces as she does wedding certificates, but she does have her sons, Dylan Thomas and Brandon Jagger. Back in the day, Carter was married to Kenneth Branagh, who is also known for his marriage to Emma Thompson. The rumors are that they began dating before Branagh had divorced Thompson.

After they split, Carter went on to marry Tim Burton, after meeting him while filming Planet of the Apes, in a marriage which would last more than 10 years.

She holds one of the most incredibly successful acting careers for a woman in Hollywood, having her pick of roles to play on both the big and small screen. Lily Tomlin Perhaps one of the longest standing relationships in the business, Lily Tomlini has been with her wife Jane Wagner for nearly 50 years, since They star in Netflix sensation Grace and Frankie. Wagner is a writer, a producer and a director, too. The world rejoiced when they could finally make their commitment official with their wedding in He made a very public proposal on the Jay Leno show in the yearin front of a live studio audience and millions of at home viewers, and the pair tied the knot a year later.

They split up inand the divorce was finalised only recently. They had three children, Finlay, Avery and Emery. After finishing her role as Jane Rizzoli, Harmon is now looking for new projects.

Susan Sarandon Susan Sarandon was never actually married officially to Tim Robbins, but the couple were together for more than twenty years, and have two kids together. They were both very politically engaged throughout their relationship. Susan also has a daughter, the actress Eva Maria Amurri from her first marriage to director Franco Amurri. She is married to director David Guggenheim, and the couple have three children.

Miles William was born inStella Street was born inand then Agnes Charles followed in The pair have been married for over 20 years, and are going strong! Mary Stuart Masterson Mary Stuart Masterson is no stranger to marriage vows, and she has actually been hitched three times!

This one appears to be for the long haul though, as she tied the knot with fellow actor Jeremy Davidson inand they now have three children together as well, Clio, Wilder and Phineas.

As well as a successful career as an actress in both TV and film, she has also tried her hand at directing, with two movie credits under her belt. She also has a successful marriage to actor Harry Hamlin. The pair have been married for twenty years, sinceand they have two children together as well, Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray. She was in a relationship to Billy Crudup fromwho famously left her when she was seven months pregnant for actress Clare Danes.

She then got engaged to Jeffrey Dean Morgan for two years frombut the pair never made it down the aisle either. Demi Moore Demi Moore is one of Hollywoods most obvious beauties, and she is almost as famous for her relationships as she is her movies. Her marriage to Bruce Willis gave them three daughters, including Rumor Willis, who is an actress in her own right. When the couple split up inthey remained on good terms, and are still friends.

julianne phillips and george clooney dating

He is now married to Mila Kunis, and the pair are known to be the most loved up in Hollywood. Halle Berry Did you know that Halle Berry had been married three times? First, she was married to athlete David Justice, in a four year relationship which ended unhappily.

Inshe married singer Eric Benet, but at the four year mark it also fell apart for them. Her daughter was born when she was dating model Gabriel Aubry, although the pair were never married, and she then tried again with Olivier Martinez, but this time the marriage lasted only three years. As amazing as her film career might be, it appears our Halle is unlucky in love!

Lisa Bonet Lisa Bonet was relatively famous in her own right when she met and married Lenny Kravitz, the legendary music star. In fact, she played Denise on The Cosby Show. She married Kravitz inand they had a daughter together, Zoe. The Nashville-based star fell pregnant with her first biological child, Sunday Rose, when she was 41 years old.

Six-year-old daughter Faith was conceived via surrogacy, which the happy couple is reportedly actively looking into again for a third child. Kidman and Clooney tracked down stolen Russian nuclear weapons before they could be used by terrorists in the flick George has also stayed busy during the last two decades, not only as an actor and director, but also as an activist and philanthropist.

He famously dated leading ladies and was married to actress Talia Blasam from to The silver-haired fox became engaged to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin inand welcomed twins Ella and Alexander in June Blast from the past: The two Hollywood heavy-hitters last appeared on screen together in the film The Peacemaker Industry event: The two were divorced and Mel went on to date and father one more child.

The two Aussies remain in contact thanks to their many children. The couple met and fell in love while shooting their movie, D. The couple married in and had their son, Jack, in The two divorced in Dennis went on to marry again and have twins, while Meg went on to have a relationship with American singer-songwriter John Mellencamp, much to the surprise of the American public. Pierce was widowed before meeting Keely, as his wife of 11 years, Cassandra Harris, passed away in Pierce met Keely, a journalist, in and married her in It seems Pierce has a healthy respect for marriage and marriage vows.

The two are very active in the environmental activist field, as well as animal rights activists. The adorable couple had three children — Nathan who was born right in the middle of the production of The Empire Strikes BackGriffin, and Elizabeth. Happily married for over 38 years, Mark and Marilou are as stable as it gets in Hollywood. Sly married Brigitte in the height of Rocky and Rambo!

These two seemed almost too perfect to last. After just two years of marriage, Sylvester and Brigitte filed for divorce. The two had no children together. Their relationship was very much in the public eye the entire time, due to the level of their celebrity. Still, they were lovely while they lasted, and good looking to boot! The two totally fell for one another and married just one year later.

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They did not have any children together, but Patricia did have a son, Rick McCallum producer of Star Wars from a previous relationship. The couple is now both in their 70s and seemingly as happy as ever. The two had one daughter together, Katherine, born in Tim went on to remarry and have another child, all the while acting in both film and television. Laura has kept to herself after the divorce, choosing the stay as much out of the limelight as possible.

Danielle was a singer who was also co-starring alongside Russell. The two had an on again off again relationship until they married in !

They have two sons together, named Charles and Tennyson. Geena and Jeff met and married ingiving the world a gloriously talented couple that walked the red carpet like royalty.

Sheesh, no wonder they fell in love, all they did was work together. They have two children together born via surrogacy, daughter Mason, and son Jude.

The two subsequently divorced inin quite a bitter and public divorce at that. Kelsey felt the need to put his divorce in the public eye.

julianne phillips and george clooney dating

The Last Stand, Transformers: Age of Extinction, The Expendables 3, and Neighbors 2: The two have sons Luca and Matteo together. They live in the United Kingdom, where Livia is a film producer and Colin is obviously acting, much to our satisfaction. The two are seen here on their wedding day, seeming as though this candid shot caught them off guard.

The two could not get enough of each other and married a year later. They had their only daughter together, Ireland, in These two graced the red carpet together in such chic fashion that it practically glowed to look in their general direction. Alec has since remarried and had three more children with new wife, Hilaria Thomas. Kim is most recently been in the press for her upcoming role in the second installment of Fifty Shades of Grey, where she will be playing the role of Mrs.

Lincoln, the much older former lover of the main protagonist, Christian Grey. The pair has two children together. Obviously, Robert has been in the spotlight for his acting, being Iron Man and all. He has been able to maintain his sobriety for many years now, and we hope he remains true to his ways as he is now.

The relationship was constantly in the press, as the couple went to premiers and events together, constantly parading their love for the eyes of the camera. He is now retired from tennis and she is continuing her very busy acting career.

They have both since remarried and are happy in their respective new lives, separate from each other. Back then George was before ER, and Talia was before her big writing gig. Talia and her new husband have one child together and George and Amal are reportedly working on it. The two were married from until The two have since divorced.

julianne phillips and george clooney dating

Gary as we said remarried twice more after Uma, and has three children from his collective marriages. Brett Favre — Deanna Favre Then The former quarterback and his then girlfriend were pretty much high school sweethearts.

They both grew up in Kiln, Alabama and started dating when Deanna was a sophomore and Brett was a freshman. While at school, Deanna became a very young mother, at the age of 20, when she gave birth to their eldest daughter, Brittany Nicole.

Deanna is a breast cancer survivor who has been an inspiration for many women around the country with her brave story. Well, the two actors were married for just one year — tobut they were a couple from Each went on to have major acting careers as well as behind the camera action with production and writing.

Hank Azaria — Helen Hunt Now Hank has since remarried and is still happily married to his second wife; the couple has one child together. Helen never remarried but she has had partner, Matthew Carnahan since and the two are as strong as ever; they have daughter Makena together. They fell in love that year and decided to get married when they were both 24 years old, in They have three daughters together, Emily, Debra, and Ashley.

Alison has gone off the grid as they say, but Howard is still as outspoken as ever, remarrying in Howard and second wife, Beth Ostrovsky, are still together and are doing very well. The couple finally married in Their relationship was always a very passionate one, and with that came a lot of disagreements.

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The couple separated and got back together several times throughout their marriage. In the couple finally called it quits, divorcing and reaching a settlement behind closed doors. Robin moved on with a fellow actor as well, but her red hot career got the better of her time.