Kyuubi and naruto become friends before dating

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kyuubi and naruto become friends before dating

I'm searching the episode in shippuden where Naruto and Kurama Title your post so that someone can tell what it is about before opening it. I'm searching the episode in shippuden where Naruto and Kurama are looking for a. what would happen if kyuubi wasn't the only demon in Konoha? When the fox attacked Konoha, the village leader, Minato Namikaze With his last mission complete the greatest kage the hidden leaf village had ever seen to date died. . With his new friends help Naruto signed the contract, and became.

As the child listened he heard the sound coming from deeper in the tunnel. Naruto walked for a few minutes and soon was in front of a large cage with a slip of paper on it with the word seal written on it. All of a sudden he heard the crying again, this time coming from the inside of the cage. Naruto found that the sound was louder and knew he was getting closer so he ran past the bars of the cage and saw a sight of what he would later describe as seeing an angel.

kyuubi and naruto become friends before dating

Naruto saw a woman with waist length red hair; she had a black kimono with a blood red sash and red high heels. Her face was so enticing that Naruto almost…almost missed her most important feature; the nine tails swaying behind her.

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With further inspection Naruto found that the angel before him was the maker of the crying as he saw tears sliding down her perfect face. No one so beautiful as you deserves to be treated so badly that they cry. Me, the being that has caused all your suffering and pain. I am a monster to torment one as sweet, kind, forgiving, and cute child, such as yourself.

Otherwise known as the nine tailed fox, I was sealed inside of you at your birth by your father the Yondaime Hokage. Why did you attack my village? As I opened my eyes I saw red eyes and then nothing. The next thing that I know I am being sealed within you by your father.

kyuubi and naruto become friends before dating

Sadly your mother died soon after from an illness unknown to most doctors except your godmother, Senju Tsunade. Your godfather Jiraiya and she are two of the three sannin of Konoha. How about Kyu, short, simple, and lovely. Hmmm I like it. Can we possibly be friends Naruto-kun? I would very much like to be your friend. Naruto-kun here is going to become our first summoner.

kyuubi and naruto become friends before dating

With his new friends help Naruto signed the contract, and became the first kitsune summoner. You may return to Makie now," informed the female fox.

But there is one thing that is bothering me. I really am glad that you allowed me your kinsman's summoning contract but I am not a ninja and am only starting the academy in two months. I don't think I am ready.

I don't want to be the dead last of my class If you know who he is please tell me. Jiji knows but he will not tell me. Please I must know who he is, if you know please, please tell me. Kyuubi had realized earlier that she had said it, but surprisingly the boy did not seem to grasp the idea that his father was named already. Naruto I knew your father and mother. She was a kitsune Demon.

kyuubi and naruto become friends before dating

When Kushina, your mother, decided to have a baby with her husband A half demon, half human crossbreed. She did this because she wanted her husband to live with her in our realm Makie, when they died. Naruto immediately shut up and performed the deer in the headlights no jutsu.

They loved you so much that they were willing to die to protect you. The things the villagers say are true. I am a demon. She turned your father into, what we demons call a demi. That means he was half mortal, and half demon. They did this so that you would not be a demi or mortal.

kyuubi and naruto become friends before dating

You are actually a demon kitsune. But why is that a bad thing, you have met me and know that I am a demon. Why is it that you do not like that you are one? No I would be trying to kill you, but I am not so that proves not all demons are bad. To be honest most demons are peaceful and fun loving only certain once like to fight.

Your mother was one and she was the most polite being I have ever met. Sure she pulled some pranks now and again but that is expected of a kitsune demon. I mean why aren't I a fox or something?

When your father sealed me inside of you it was because I was being controlled and could not break the hold on myself. He sealed me inside you so that it would break the hold whoever was controlling me had.

He chose you so I could meet his son and help train you later on in life. Which brings me to the next order of business; I want you to break the seal.

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Only the bottom right corner. This will allow me to talk to you through a mental connection and I can train you to be the best ninja you can be. You will release just enough of your own demon chakra into your system to allow us to communicate outside the seal. Once you do this you will pass out. Probably for the rest of the night but afterwards you will notice you will have a slight physical appearance change and a little more muscle than you have now.

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