Laura zerra and ej snyder dating

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laura zerra and ej snyder dating

Mar 17, Our photog caught up with Laura Zerra and EJ Snyder from the new season of the show (which debuted last night) and their stories of bug bites. Laura zerra and ej snyder dating naked and afraid survival gear used in. Survival instructor and country and western singersongwriter clint jivoin The latest Tweets from Laura Zerra (@LauraZerra). Nomad. Hunter/gatherer. Primitive survivalist. Author of “A Modern Guide to Knifemaking”. I like learning new.

Incidentally, this compilation is written in no particular order, because only the winners of some imaginary contest could establish the best of this brawny bunch. One may wonder if there is such a stellar survivalist show in the works. Well, if the public wants it badly enough, it will happen. Moreover, Snyder worked for seven years as an instructor for military survival and self-reliance. Amazon and Naked and Afraid XL. Snyder has also acted in many other TV shows and movies, particularly Lost and Patton Tough as nails and showing an in-your-face demeanor, Snyder could probably survive just about any survivalist scenario — asteroid strike, tsunami, H-bomb detonation - piece of cake!

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Mykel Hawke Mykel Hawke spent 26 years in the US Army Special Forces 12 years active dutyachieving the rank of captain and serving in battle-scarred Africa and fought narcotraffickers in Colombia. Excelling in martial arts, Hawke has earned black belts in both Aikido and judo.

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Hawke has also written books about survival: Hawke also speaks seven languages and has two college degrees. Be that as it may, over the years Mears has hosted many BBC television shows: Mears also hosted Survival with Ray Mears, a program investigating the plight of endangered species such as leopards, wolves and bears.

laura zerra and ej snyder dating

Laura Zerra Laura Zerra is your quintessential outdoorsy young woman and became a survival enthusiast at a young age. Zerra was born in Massachusetts and studied ethnobiology at Connecticut College. She even hit the local highways looking for road kill, so she could tan the hides she collected.

laura zerra and ej snyder dating

In spite of being vegan, she started eating meat, because she wanted to learn to hunt. Zerra did so well they invited her back for Naked and Afraid XL, which demanded 40 days of survival on the Colombian savannah. Matt Graham A shamanistic kind of guy, Matt Graham has been an off-the-grid enthusiast since he was 15, when he trained at being a triathlete and rock climber. Each is packed with a knife, a map, and one survival item of the contestant's choice.

Before, they were provided a designated point for meeting their partner, but on XL, they're merely wished all the best in finding their two teammates. The teams are composed to develop both internal and external conflicts. Day Two at El Bosque offers just one example of how trite this setup has become, as Alana and Danielle rest on the floor, conserving energy, while Shane spends hours trying to build his desired shelter.

When Shane does decide to give up his macho man act, he rants about his troubled life, growing up in foster care, being incarcerated, and receiving psychological treatment.

laura zerra and ej snyder dating

Following this performance, Danielle and Alana are understandably concerned. If that show offered a rudimentary concept -- a naked man and woman living in nature -- this one is more given to predictable social drama.

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The best way to purify water is to boil it, and thankfully Kellie brought a cooking pot. The water was manky, and I have drunk from some rough water before, but this mud hole takes the cake.

Water is critical to sustaining proper body function, regulating body core temperatures and staying in the game. So clean drinking water is a high priority and concern in a survival or emergency situation. Jungle Trek It was about seven months after Africa when I got a phone call.

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People were quitting left and right from the next installation of Naked and Afraid, and just like that I found myself heading into the most dangerous jungle on the planet: As the riverboat sped down a tributary off the Amazon River deep in Peru, many thoughts raced through my head.

Did I shore up my weak points from my last challenge enough? What would I do differently this time? I chose to bring along a PureFire Tactical Fire Starter this time, knowing that wet jungles and swamps are usually not friendly to primitive fire methods.

The magnesium it was made of was the highest grade on the market and can start in water.

Man vs. Amazon

I looked around and started to quickly attune myself to my surroundings. I could see that this jungle was on steroids. The sounds were loud, the bug activity heavy and all the creatures lurking. The locals said that it could not be done by an outsider. How to Get Emergency Help Without A Phone The Amazon gave us all we could ask for, but with all her tests, once we learned to fully accept what she was showing us and teaching us, it became much easier. The answers were there, as long as I learned to embrace my environment, trust my primal instincts and become part of nature.

It seemed to get easier as we went. However, one huge task stood in our way—getting out of there safely and in one piece. Our greatest fight to survive lay in traversing the Amazon River. We needed a water-worthy vessel to take us to extraction. Had I not fully embraced a more primitive outlook with Laura Zerra, my amazing partner for this adventure, we may have never succeeded.

We gathered 26 balsa logs actually a grass that were 30 feet long, 60 bamboo stalks that were 50 feet long and over vines for lashings. Laura taught me a lot of things out there, and her bushcraft skill set was amazing, especially her lashing techniques, as I always used paracord for lashing over vines.

Laura really had me getting at my primal side of survival out there. We built a raft that was set up to travel on, sleep on and, if need be, fight off the possible water dangers in black caimans and anacondas.

Twelve miles was easier said than done. The morning of Day 20 found me with a degree fever and a stomach flu with 48 hours to go. The Amazon threw one last flurry at us to try and knock us out that night in the form of a thunderstorm. We saw caimans along the banks of the swamp we entered, but I could feel the hairs on my neck and arms standing up from the static caused by the lightning striking the water.

I learned on this challenge that sometimes instead of fighting your environment, you need to embrace it, and when you do that, you can actually make it easier on yourself. If you allow yourself to become part of nature, some amazing things can be learned, and in many cases, all the answers to your survival are right there in front of you.

laura zerra and ej snyder dating

Badland Survivor You would think my survival itch would have been satisfied, but I still felt there was more to learn. So when I was told that I had made the final cut for a challenge almost as long as my first two combined, I knew I was up to the test. Naked and Afraid XL would be a huge test. Colombia is the second most biologically diverse country on the planet, as well as the second most dangerous. It would be the most drastically diverse and changing environment I had ever encountered.