Leia and han solo age difference dating

Star Wars: why Princess Leia is nearly two years older than twin Luke Skywalker - Telegraph

leia and han solo age difference dating

So, when does Solo: A Star Wars Story take place in the original Star Wars movie timeline? And just what age is Han Solo supposed to be in this prequel origin Solo: A Star Wars Story () release date: May 25, How much older than Princess Leia was Han Solo when they first met? at the end of Revenge of the Sith so as of that film we have an exact date for either canon or Legends timelines. Han's So the characters' age gap more or less mirrors the actors'.) It was originally 10 years difference, in legends. Um stihotvorenia.info already lost his legs this is post phantom menace.

After all, he won the Millennium Falcon in a bet against Lando Calrissian, and the sequel trilogy has decided to use his golden dice as the emblem for his character from The Last Jedi onward. After she learned-- and as ever, she was quite the quick learner-- Leia soon proved herself to be an expert in the game, beating her opponents routinely regardless of whether the odds were in her favor.

leia and han solo age difference dating

Worried at every turn about potentially screwing up their child, he frankly admitted to Leia that he had never imagined having children. Leia, however, was quick to counter with her own confession regarding their life together. She was quite certain he would be a great father, she assured him, before going one step further and saying he would be a wonderful grandfather, too.

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At that, however, Han joked that he would never get that old-- and we don't even have to explain why that line hurts so much. Part of what makes them so exciting as a couple to begin with is their mutual tendencies to buck convention and go wherever the wind may take them. Rather than staying put at home while Leia served in the Galactic Senate, Han in turn took up work as a racing pilot and instructor for up and coming generations of pilots who wanted to learn how to fly from the greatest hotshot pilot there ever was.

An outsider to the connection shared by Luke, Obi-Wan, and even Leia herself, he served as a voice of "reason" when things seemed like they were headed into the entirely elemental and spiritual territory of the Force.

Leia and han solo age difference in dating

However, it was Han's status as an outsider and a non-believer that perhaps led to one of the most avoidable tragedies in the entirety of Star Wars. Leia had sensed from the womb that there was something dark inside of Ben-- thanks in large part to her awareness of Snoke's interest in him-- but she never thought to tell Han of anything that was happening, because-- as he was non-Force-sensitive-- he couldn't possibly have understood.

leia and han solo age difference dating

So rather than talk it out, Ben was sent off to Luke's for training, and the rest is history. It frequently is seen in.


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leia and han solo age difference dating

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leia and han solo age difference dating

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