Lily collins and jamie campbell bower dating 2016 mustang

Jamie Campbell Bower appears to confirm he's back on with Matilda Lowther | Daily Mail Online

lily collins and jamie campbell bower dating 2016 mustang

The two dated until August , when she broke up with him amid Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins met while filming "The Mortal. See more ideas about Lily collins style, Actresses and Female actresses. Robert Sheehan, Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower - a photo shoot by John . Instagram post by @lilyjcollins • Nov 3, at am UTC. Lily Mass Phil CollinsGorgeous WomenBeautiful PeopleMustangPortrait Photography Modeling. The acting pair dated for a year before going their separate ways, and briefly Lily Collins on sofa with ex-boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower.

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lily collins and jamie campbell bower dating 2016 mustang

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Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower split after on/off romance

We've rounded up some of the more immediate contenders, and their odds, below. And as always, you can let us know your own thoughts in the comments section. What Are Its Chances? Of becoming a "Twilight"-style phenomenon? Of succeeding in its own right? The "Twilight"-with-zombies comparison has followed "Warm Bodies" around since its inception, but the first trailer recently revealed the film to be seemingly quite a different beast; closer to a hybrid of "Shaun Of The Dead" and "Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

But there's something icky about the premise in a way that wasn't true of the brooding Stephenie Meyer bloodsuckers, and we can see the key young female audience being turned off by that, and by a dark, more action-heavy approach.

Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower split after on/off romance | Daily Mail Online

Then again, "Zombieland" was a sizable hit, so there's hope, just not necessarily with the Twihards. February 1st, " Beautiful Creatures " The Pitch: Two teens in the Deep South are drawn together by a strange connection and supernatural secrets.

The trailers look reasonably appealing, it looks well-shot, with plenty of effects, and with a cast that mixes Oscar-favorites Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Viola Davis and appealing newcomers Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert. Plus the forbidden love idea is always popular with the kids.

But the premise doesn't have the immediate grab of "Twilight" — are they witches? We're still not entirely sure what the thing's actually about — and with a February date right up against Nicholas Sparks adaptation "Safe Haven," it could end up faltering at the first. February 13th, " The Host " The Pitch: In a world overrun by body-snatching aliens, a young girl in love Saoirse Ronan becomes possessed, but her soul still survives, living side-by-side with the alien presence.

Well, "The Host" has one great advantage, in that it's based on source material by Stephenie Meyer, the author of "Twilight," which automatically places it a rung or two above the competition. And much of what made that series such a success is present in "The Host": And for non Twihards, there's enough to look forward to including the excellent Saoirse Ronan in the lead, and "Gattaca" helmer Andrew Niccol at the helm.

Then again, Niccol hasn't made anything worthwhile since well, "Gattaca," pretty much, and there aren't immediate signs that that's changed here.

lily collins and jamie campbell bower dating 2016 mustang

Again, the premise is a difficult one to get your head round, and certainly a trickier one to convey to an audience the trailer doesn't do a great joband the tone is a little more sci-fi-ish than some of the competition. Open Road don't have much of a track record though neither did Summit before "Twilight," even if giving it the same slot as "The Hunger Games" suggests a certain bullishness.