Manifest and latent functions of dating

Blogging through sociology of marriage: Chapter 8: Dating and Mate Selection

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manifest and latent functions of dating

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Chapter 8- Choosing Others: Dating and Mate Selection by Christopher Gillespie on Prezi

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Separated by countries for weeks in the us dating latent functions with. There are many different theories about the ways people go about choosing their mates. Filter theory claims that people narrow their pool of potential partners by selecting people they see on a regular basis who share similar traits.

S todayas well as interracial and interethnic relationships interracial dating has increased, but marriages remain uncommon. Equity theory asserts that relationships are often happier and stable when both partners perceive them as equals; however, once a relationship enters a stage of long-term commitment, people tolerate inequality.

manifest and latent functions of dating

Chapter 8 analyzes forms of dating in other countries. In many countries dating is not like the open courtship system in the U. Instead marriages are often arranged and restricted to members with similar social characteristics, such as culture, religion, age, social class, or race.

Dowries are very important in many societies; women with large dowries often have the advantage of attracting better suitors while brides who cannot meet dowry expectations often face many negative consequences. In many societies, heterogamy is used as a way of escaping poverty by marrying people outside their societal group. Mate selection is commonly homogamous in numerous societies, which often helps establish strong and continuing family ties yet increases the chances of passing down genetic diseases.

Arranged marriages are common in societies with strong community and family support systems as well as those where men dominate and have the power to force women to marry against their will to preserve family and culture.

Choosing Others: Dating and Mate Selection

Mate selection methods are changing in many traditional societies. China and India have a abundance of single men and a shortage of single women which has lead to the implementation of some Western-style mate selection methods in China and dedicating many sites for the purpose of arranging marriages in India.

Because women are becoming increasingly more self-sufficient and postponing marriage in Japan and South Korea, many companies have set up matrimony brokerage firms to act as matchmakers for men seeking a spouse. The chapter ends with a discussion about the negative sides of dating.

Manifest and latent functions of dating regularly

Power and control increase as a relationship becomes serious and many power differences arise between men and women which often cause problems. In addition, physical and sexual aggression is more commonly seen as acts by men to control or frighten another. Dating violence is rarely a one-time event and many gays, out of fear of expanding homophobia, refrain from reporting it.

There are many factors examined that contribute to prevalence of date violence and date rape; these include: Violence and rape can be eliminated on 3 levels: Break ups are prevalent in each and every society; they may be very painful, but they are also healthy in many ways.

manifest and latent functions of dating

Breaking up allows one to filter out unsuitable prospective mates and find a more suitable mate. Women are generally more distressed than males over mates who cheat.

manifest and latent functions of dating

The chapter concludes by identifying that even though more choices involving mate selection exist, many people are making the decision to remain single longer.

Throughout my life, I have watched so many people struggle with controlling behaviors as well as allowing peer pressure to influence them to engage in risky behavior just to fit in. One prime example of how control increases as relationships progress as well as how peer pressure can lead one to create an unhealthy relationship and disregard any possible consequences that might stem from such actions is one that recently occurred between my best friend and her boyfriend.

My friend was dating a guy for over two years and put all her trust into him, but he eventually gained so much control of her over those two years that she became blinded of what really was occurring in the relationship.