Pokemon black and white dating

Pokemon Black and White 3 Vs. 3 Battles, Japanese Release Date – Game Rant

pokemon black and white dating

If there was any confusion over the staying power of the Pokemon franchise, the Japanese sales numbers for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White have put. Per Play-Asia, the Japanese Version's release date is June /paOScore/ 8senPokemonshtml. Pokemon Sunday has become notorious for announcing new details on the highly anticipated Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, and they certainly seem .

When it is surrounded by italicized text, it doesn't need to become un-italicized. This is how everything else does it anyway.

pokemon black and white dating

It is more important to have the title in italics rather than in contrast to regular text. Yes, the press release was confusing. Don't mean to sound rude, but this is exactly what this site is for.

Pokemon Black and White 3 Vs. 3 Battles, Japanese Release Date

They look nothing like the leaked Japanese boxes and they always use the same. They're only placeholders, though. Official placeholders, but placeholders nonetheless. How come Black Kyurem and White Kyurem have two official artworks? I'm not saying it's a mistake or even a lie, you can easily check that it's true by watching the Flash intro animation of the Japanese website. But that's the issue here: The boxart may be some kind of 'mode' as in 'burst mode'or something. The boxart of White Kyurem looks vaguely similar to the art of primal dialga.

The pic aforementioned is present in the bulbapedia archive. Please give ur thoughts on this post. Auraguardian i think it has to do with its ability. Reshiram and Zekrom had the exact same thing. Normal ReshiramOverdrive Reshiram. Normal ZekromOverdrive Zekrom. It has nothing to do with abilities, or moves, or formes. Even though the 2 was eventually dropped for Gold and Silver, it was still an official yet temporary name.

As long as there's a nod to the almost-Pkmn 2: Would that be trivia-worthy? Enos Shay rem Talk Aren't Black 2 and White 2 the second set of direct sequels in the main series? The only difference is that they're from separate generations, since for all we know, Black 2 and White 2 are Generation V games like Black and White.

pokemon black and white dating

If so, shouldn't this be mentioned in the article? Wait until we know for sure at least. I can't edit the article anyway.

I was just pointing out this so it can be taken in consideration when we have full details about the games.

pokemon black and white dating

The games are available for preorder. Shouldn't there be info on the storyline and stuff? When more info is released it will be added to the article. Any official source confirming that people are making this game? The above comment is supported by Wildgoose. There is a list of sources there. At first this really confused me as I thought only Japan got it this Spring. Because of the different seasons in the Northern and Southern hemisphere, and because a lot of Bulbapedia's users come from the Northern Hemisphere, could we add a tooltip to make it Spring I think this would help a lot of people who came to the site.

The seasons will become irrelevant once we get an actual date, and the only people who should really be concerned with the release date are the people it applies to i.

Plus it might seem unfair. Nintendo already announced a fall Sept-Nov release. October does fit for the US, though is Play-asia a good source for information on the US release date? In any case, we'll probably find out about the US release date in a few months. Play-Asia is a decent source but I would still prefer to wait for an official source to confirm it, just for precautionary measures. There seems to be a confusion. What Corocoro says in reference to the ice is essentially "What in the world is with the map freezing over?

Has something strange happened?! It's an attempt by Umeko at translating it from Japanese. The male player character and the rival's VS sprites The player character meeting the rival Akuroma The player meets Akuroma in Castelia The player meets Shizui The player and Akuroma in an unknown location Homika's gym Possibly outside Shizui's gym The player character, the rival and Shizui in a beach, near to the entrance of a cave -- PenblooeR What do you think?

If the Pokemon Wikia has them too, it is because they got them from the same source. I guess constant battle animations are confirmed, due to the trailer? There is also a watermark in the image. I would wait for a more official source to confirm it.

pokemon black and white dating

I noticed that after I made the comment but did not have the time to fix it. Yeah, I know somebody already posted something like this I don't think we should say that Unova is engulfed in ice, unless that is specifically confirmed. Maybe the ice is just there to cover up the other changes of Unova just for now, and I think if that much of Unova was covered in ice, there would only be like, three gyms.

I think we should remove the part saying that part of Unova is covered in ice, because that is just speculation from the art, we have no proof that this is confirmed. And there will be two new leaders, Shizui and Homika, totalizing seven citites with gyms that aren't covered in ice.

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Maybe the Icirrus gym will be still active, as it's an Ice-type gym It does actually imply that it's inferred from the map, although I agree it's a little ambiguous.

Unless you have undeniable proof one way or the other, please take this to the forums and stop the discussion here. Couldn't we reword that bit somehow so it doesn't sound like we know for sure? Actually, maybe it should just not be mentioned at all until we know what we're talking about.

The article is fine as is. We will withhold adding that it is confirmed until we get undeniable proof either way. Have you got it from a reliable source? Also remember to sign your comment. Ace trainer R Menu bar on left, if it wasn't obvious. By that I mean more better description of these on the article Umbreon This has been explained multiple times, and should be common knowledge.

I could care less either way, but it should be put up so we can stop getting these questions. We don't need to put up any sort of notes and disclaimers because people should already know the season differences the hemispheres have.

Do we need to explain why the sky is blue in the anime?

Pokemon White 2 - Date with Yancy

Not only that, but it is rude to our readers in the Southern Hemisphere. We don't put any sort of disclaimers that Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere means their Spring.

They already know the difference. I'm not going to alter the information just because of someone else's ignorance.

Pokemon Black and White North American Release Date Confirmed – Game Rant

It should and is common knowledge, but multiple people obviously don't get the difference. It's a waste to continually have this page cluttered with this issue. This is the third time IIRC this question has been asked on this page, the forums see it multiple times as well. It's annoying to see this question asked numerous times every week. Putting something up would stop people from asking about this and stop all the useless posts on this.

Things in here, despite what they might seem like, are the opposite to the Northern Hemisphere at least in the weather department, no, food doesn't eat people here -that's only in Rand McNally. Stuff such as S. The player can maintain a house in the Dream World that other players can visit as well as grow berries. Specifically, Castelia City features tall buildings and an urban setting and is the region's "central metropolis".

Black and White are set in the Unova region, a continental mass located far away from the previous regions, KantoJohtoHoenn and Sinnoh. Masuda also wanted to convey a "feeling of communities" in Castelia's streets. In addition to a diversity of new landscapes, the Unova region is also home to a diversity of people who vary in skin tone and occupation. In his rage, Ghetsis challenges the player to battle.

Cynthiaa former Champion of the Sinnoh region, is also found in this area of the game and can be challenged.

A non-player character named after Shigeki Morimotoa Game Freak programmer, creature designer, and the director of the HeartGold and SoulSilver games, can also be found and battled in the game. Development[ edit ] Junichi Masuda was responsible for the direction and the music of the games.

It also has a special feature that allows the user to upload their saved game to the Internet, allowing them to do certain things on an official website. For example, Pikachu was introduced in Red and Green, and was obtainable in Blue, Yellow, and all subsequent main series games; however, Pikachu will not be obtainable in Black and White from the start of the game.

He explained the new battle styles, stating that while triple battles take more strategy, rotation battles take more luck to win. He said that it was hard to find that balance to satisfy both kinds of players. For the new players, there is good explanation in how to play, while for old players, they incorporated the C-Gearwhich makes the ability to trade and battle easier. The soundtrack was released on October 20,in Japan.

The Australian release was on March 10,