Showing my self harm scars and dating

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showing my self harm scars and dating

Jun 21, For me, they dont really affect my decision in dating someone. show more self concious that no one would want to date me because i have self harm scars. My initial reaction would probably be one of worry about her. And like you . Of course I would date a girl who had self harm scars. I can easily. Talk To Someone Now Help Yourself Help Someone Else About · Learn · About Crisis Centers Call Lifeline. Show What Happens When You Call The Lifeline.

showing my self harm scars and dating

In these cases, you may not feel the need to bring the issue up at all. If you do feel the need, or if your partner asks, you could say that the scars are from self-harm without going into detail.

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Another option is to make up another explanation for the scarswhich either the partner will believe or take as a cue that this is not something you would like to discuss. Self-Harm Scars and Serious Relationships In a more serious relationship, or a relationship that seems as though it has the potential to be serious, you may feel that you want to talk to your partner about your self-harm scars more in-depth.

There is no easy to way to broach this subject, but it is for the wellbeing of your relationship.

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The good news, again, is that many people will respond with compassionand respect you for having the courage to speak with them about it. Your partner only wants to know that you are okay now and that self-harm will not interfere with the relationship.

showing my self harm scars and dating

How you approach the conversation is up to you, but it may be helpful to include the above concerns. All in all, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with yourself and whatever decisions you make.

showing my self harm scars and dating

Your scars will always be more noticeable to you than to anyone else, so your comfort should always come first. In many cases, the person who self-harms has an inner voice saying that they need to do whatever their self-harming crutch is.

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We may need you to help talk us out of them sometimes. Threatening to leave us if we relapse is not a good idea.

showing my self harm scars and dating

A general rule of thumb is to assume the self-harming behavior has absolutely nothing to do with you. Fading scars are a huge deal. It might seem like something really silly, but most of us are very self-conscious about any scars that might have come from our self-harming.

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Personally, I never wore shorts in public until I was around 23 — I hid my cutting on my thighs so that I could control who saw them. But bringing attention to the cuts is sort of awkward. Another person who cares about them and nurtures them will kiss each one of the scars.

In theory, this is a really sweet idea, since it feels like you care enough to try and erase them. But especially if there are a lot of scars, it will feel really awkward to have you personally recognize each one.

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We know what you mean. For some of us, there may be a sexual thrill associated with self-harming. In some extreme cases, it might be necessary for you to get us help. We just need someone who knows that things might get hard sometimes. The scars might never go away, either.