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In another, “Trixie and Katya Give a Guy Heads,” they reel a participant into the studio using a dating app. The guy arrives thinking he is about. (This was inspired by @w-sims ' drag race simalong) . I've had a lot of trouble uploading these but here they are, two versions of my Trixie Mattel Face Mask. Fan favorites, Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova stopped by the Well according to Katya there's no set date, but she confirms that it is.

And he was like, "Oh, well, I guess you're right, Bob, it is pretty compelling that they had 18 hours of static recorded. What can we expect that's going to be really, really different from the YouTube show on Viceland, and what can we expect that's going to remain the same? It's going to be longer and it's going to be funny. Yeah, you're going to see us doing things we've never done before. Things out of drag, we actually have a lot more games and organized pieces.

So if you're new to the series, you're not quite going to get as, like, f--ked by the insanity of it. But it's going to be the same sort of offbeat comedy.

I'm still screaming, that's my laugh. Katya's still saying something really horrible and then looking at the camera and posing. Katya, are we going to get more of you wearing huge wigs and posing like you belong on the back cover of a romance novel? Does Dolly Parton sleep on her f--king back, bh? Have there ever been, or do you think there ever will be, any topics that you guys would want to take a step back from and not talk about?

No, there's things that we want to talk about. It's the opposite, where they're like, "Maybe not all of human history. Yeah, like, I want to talk about racism, but it's not the right topic for me and her to talk about. Because we're two white men, can you imagine how complicated that would be?

Two white men who happen to be dressed like weird doll-people trying to talk about racism? There's more articulate and important people expounding on that topic in a real, effective way.

So we don't need to talk about that. I trust somebody like Courtney Act to talk to you about gender fluidity.

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I think you can come to us to talk to you about how to pull Legos out of your vacuum cleaner, you know? You know, Katya and I are not depressed, but I think we're both dark spirits that don't fear talking about things that make us uncomfortable. Like suicide, for example, may be not the best thing for us to talk about. But mama, we could.

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I love suicide and I want to talk about it! I don't love it, but -- Katya: No, no, no, you can go on the record that if we get a season two, the first episode is going to be about suicide.

Because I think that's what we do! In either of our stories, we're not the winner. And none of our stories are about us getting it right. If anything, we give insight on life through how many ways we've done it wrong. Like, we got it wrong, and we're still here. I once took like 82 pills of ibuprofen.

Ibuprofen does not kill you. It's like, there is nothing more embarrassing than a botched suicide attempt. Yeah, not only are you still alive, but everyone knows you're stupid.

Yes, and then, it's, like, exacerbated by the point that I have to be hospitalized because the legality of the situation requires me to be hospitalized. So I kind of have to go along with the charade. But, seriously, it is bad, and if you throw yourself in front of a train and you survive, that's a miracle. If you miss yourself with a bullet that you put in the gun, that's a miracle.

Mine was a humiliation, and now the general public needs to pay for it. Yeah, I would have been out of commission at 15, with like six or seven weird paintings as my legacy, and it would have been fine. But no, I lived to tell the tale, and now they have to be tortured by it. I should have been auditioning people because I didn't have a partner.

Temple Grandin would have been better than me, absolutely. I would not besmirch her name like that, but I take it as a compliment. I was going to say very passionate, but yeah!

What do you think it is about the show and what you guys do that pulls that weird, visceral, almost animal side out of them? OK, you are going way too far with that description. What's on your plate today?

I will say this: We are weirdos within a weird community. You don't have to do drag, you don't have to be gay or marginalized in any way, but we've all felt like the weirdo or felt like the outsider, so on Drag Race, you watch an outsider in a room full of other outsiders embrace their outsider-ness so fiercely that they command an audience to think they are the coolest person in the world. Like, no matter what you're into, that's inspiring.

But what you really watch it for, you watch it for a room full of people who know damn well that they are not women, all just agreeing to suspend disbelief for the fun of it, and that's inspiring.

Yeah, I totally agree. I mean, separate but equal is fine with me. Being gay is so fun, I want You know what I mean, I don't care. I want there to be a gay bubbler because it's a douche, and I want to stick it up my butt. Yeah, I want a gay bubbler, like, there's a doorman, and when you walk in, it's like, [singing] "Be my lover, wanna be my lover? See, I feel like drag was the best kept secret in the world, and I'm happy that it's not a secret any more, but of course everyone's obsessed with it!

They're the last ones to catch up on how fun it is. Yeah, it's not for everybody though. For us it's like, "We been knew. No, no, no, no, no. Drag will always find a way to be weird. And it's just a numbers game.

Ten percent of the population, on a crude average, identifies as gay. I'm not saying queer, I'm saying gay. Ten percent of the population identifies as gay or lesbian. We're gay mascots, and a lot of drag does not make sense to straight people because it doesn't apply to them. We're actually making fun of them. So, it doesn't need to be mainstream, they don't need to understand it -- we're making fun of them! That's what we're doing. So when a drag queen tries to be Jennifer Lopez instead of making fun of Jennifer Lopez, that brings this to a different area.

It doesn't make it worse or bad, but the crux of drag is parody. Like, I love that drag is a way for people to vacation in the gay nightlife, but Yeah, we've both done it ad nauseum, and working for straight people as a freak show, that sometimes can be humiliating in a way. But it's a bizarre, psychosexual freak show thing that happens, and I don't quite understand it, and I don't ever really want to do it again for all straight women who think it's fun to look at weirdos who are trying to be ladies.

But it's never going to be mainstream, and it shouldn't. I don't ever wanna be mainstream. Like, when you look at Drag Race, it has gotten so mainstream. And Drag Race has gotten so mainstream -- Katya: Trixie, Trixie, I mean But now Dragula showed up. A lot of comedians fall back on the assumption that the shortest path to funny is through picking the lowest-hanging target.

Earlier this month, I sat down to talk with them. I can do, like, two voices. Their new cable show has the potential to introduce their brand of humor to an entirely new demographic of viewers and to upend the franchise of white men talking over each other on TV.

The candy bar is the comedy, the candy-bar wrapper is the drag.

With our show you, get a lot of fun stuff to look at. And—plot twist—every week, no matter what sign, you die. The guy arrives thinking he is about to have sex, and instead finds himself asked to be on TV, alongside Trixie and Katya as green-screened floating heads.

We could only get one guy. Oh, I would have fucked him. He was very cute. That was the real kicker. Each episode of the show gets its own topic, though in UNHhhh those usually worked more as jumping-off points.

I think you can safely joke about anything. We rely on the editors. The Anne Frank one? I know we look like we are. We only make jokes based on our own observations and experiences, which are somewhat limited.

UNHhhh Ep 75: "Online Dating Pt. 1" with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova

As you mention all the time.