When did triple and stephanie start dating

Top 15 Things You Didn't Know About Triple H And Chyna's Controversial Relationship

when did triple and stephanie start dating

Stephanie McMahon Levesque known professionally as Stephanie McMahon, is an American McMahon began appearing regularly on-air for WWE (then WWF as the After a brief on-screen relationship with Test, she was engaged to Triple .. McMahon began dating Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, in Sep 17, Triple H paid a bartender in Steph's bridal shower, to put a date rape drug in Steph starts up the following RAW, telling Vince why she did what she did. May 18, 9. Exactly When Did You And Triple H Start Dating? WWE Network. Triple H may have kidnapped Stephanie McMahon and tricked her into.

I'm pretty sure he's brain dead.

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I know where that hand's been. The Authority On the August 19 episode of Raw, McMahon turned heel when she interrupted Daniel Bryan and supported the actions of her husband at SummerSlam the previous night, telling Bryan that he wasn't suitable to be the face of the company.

In NovemberMcMahon signed a three-year performer's contract with the WWE, confirming her as a regular on its programming. Swearing that their actions were "best for business", the pair would belittle and punish any talent that went against their ideology, and formed a particular vendetta against Daniel Bryan. Vickie later gave Reigns a chance in the battle royal, which he would win. Vickie ultimately lost the match and was fired; however, she got her retribution over McMahon by throwing her into the mud pool.

McMahon was kayfabe arrested and charged with assault and battery, because she slapped Brie, who was not a kayfabe WWE employee [88] The following week, McMahon granted Brie her job back and a match at SummerSlam against her in order to get Brie to drop the lawsuit.

During the match, Triple H tried to get the last member of Team Cena, Dolph Ziggler, eliminated by attacking two referees and placing Seth Rollins who was also the final member of Team Authority on top of Ziggler and calling crooked referee Scott Armstrong into the ring to make the count; however, the debuting Sting came out and attacked Armstrong and Triple H, giving Team Cena the win and thus disbanding The Authority.

Stephanie and Triple H appeared on the episode of Raw after Survivor Series stating that without them the company would be driven to the ground. They were then escorted out of the arena by the returning Daniel Bryan and only to be insulted by Mr.

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McMahon for letting him down and the McMahon family before exiting the arena. On the December 29 episode of Raw, The Authority was brought back in power by John Cena, and she and her husband entered and stepped on the entrance ramp celebrating their return with a glass of champagne and a kiss.

when did triple and stephanie start dating

While Lynch and Charlotte allied with PaigeBanks would ally with Tamina and Naomileading to a brawl between the three teams. McMahon presented the " Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence" award to Stephanie.

when did triple and stephanie start dating

Before she could start her acceptance speech, Shane McMahon returned for the first time since and demanded to gain control of Raw, claiming The Authority was running the company to the ground.

McMahon accepted the offer, only if he won one more match. Shane accepted, and Mr. McMahon opened the show to announce that his returning son, Shane, would run Raw for one night only. However, Shane continued to run Raw due to "overwhelming fan support" until the April 25 episode of Raw, when Stephanie returned to announce that Mr. McMahon would decide who'd permanently control Raw at Payback. McMahon announced that both Stephanie and Shane would run Raw together on a permanent basis, thus disbanding The Authority.

when did triple and stephanie start dating

Vince McMahon inherited the WWE from his father and always planned to pass it along to his children to continue the tradition. One of his children happened to fall in love with one of the more successful wrestlers in the promotion with a vision and passion for the backstage work as well.

Stephanie and Triple H have worked to create a family life together along with becoming professionally powerful together as they run the WWE along with Vince. This is in addition to working out like a monster and being a family man. Stephanie undergoes the same schedule and posts videos of herself working out at midnight despite having to wake up at 6AM to get her kids ready for school.

Both partners also play a huge role in the global branding of WWE. While a great deal of controversy will always surround them, there are very few people in the entertainment industry that work as much as Triple H and Stephanie.

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Their relationship has been very public in a world of wrestling that spreads juicy stories and gossip like wildfire but they have managed to keep a couple of secrets. Not all of their business is out there for the world to know but a lot of interesting details have managed to leak out despite their attempts to prevent it.

While becoming a part of the wrestling bubble with appearances on Raw and SmackDown every week, Vince McMahon actually referenced Triple H as the type of man Stephanie should look for in her romantic life. Obviously it worked for them both in real life and for the WWE aspect of television as their storyline marriage lasted a couple of years providing great entertainment.