Will and janelle big brother dating

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will and janelle big brother dating

Did Boogie out Dr. Will cheating on his long term girlfriend Erin with Janelle in the Diary Room while voting Janelle out last night? AM - The pair flew under the radar in the Big Brother house, but were inseparable from the start. After filming wrapped, they continued dating. Janelle Pierzina, we agree with you -- Mike Boogie can be a loser! in hell of scoring more than a slop date with Ashley in this week's Q&A.

Everyone watched last year; I was with Season 6, and they all knew how competitive I was.

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Your Season 6 alliance lasted a while then started to crumble. It did fizzle out. I think Kaysar bonded our alliance together and after he left we lost James.

will and janelle big brother dating

That's when things started to go downhill. Did you consider altering your strategy and laying low for the summer? I couldn't, that wasn't an option for me. I couldn't throw competitions; I had to play to save myself. I couldn't do the floating strategy or be under the radar, it was impossible. Do you think Mike made the right choice keeping Erika and sending you home?

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He couldn't beat me. I think on a personal level he likes me more and he admires my game play more, but he knows that he couldn't beat me. What do you think of the whole showmance concept? Especially being a female, you kind of want that protection from someone. With Will and I, we talked a lot and we ate together and worked out together; I was with him all the time.

It is great to have someone who understands you and you have a closeness. It is great to have that in the house, it makes you feel good. Were you nervous about voting Will out of the house? I wasn't nervous about it. I do care about Will because he is a great friend of mine, and I'm not one to play someone and lie to them. I had him believing up until the moment that he was evicted that he was absolutely safe. I don't like to hurt people. Do you think that bodes well for a friendship on the outside?

Absolutely, Will and Boogie and I will definitely be friends.

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We're kind of similar people in a sense, on the outside of the house. He's kind of a flip-flopper. We were so tight the first two weeks, and when I lost power he abandoned me. That was a huge mistake on his part because I felt kind of used.

will and janelle big brother dating

Probably the one with the [voodoo] dolls because I felt like, "These people are psycho and they want me out of the house [and I have to win]. I wanted to win it to kind of throw it in their faces. There was some controversy about you wrestling the doll out of James' hands. Oh, he's so crazy. First of all it was the wrong doll, second of all we both grabbed it at the same time, and he was the one to wrestle me down to the ground.

will and janelle big brother dating

I was thinking, "Why are we wrestling over this freakin' Howie doll? Why'd you decide to go back on Big Brother this summer? To win the money! You've entertained me all summer long.

Aww I bet you say that to all the boys. Did you get to flirt with Julie again on the CBS morning show? Julie's into me I think. She seemed a little stunned on your eviction interview when you said you thought that the two of you had chemistry.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Who is the real Dr. I tell people that it is really two completely different things. Who I am in my real life is not what I do on TV. I'm not an actor, but it is my one avenue where I get to express myself and have a little bit of fun with it. I just try to be a persona and try to be a character on the show.

will and janelle big brother dating

Do you want to be an actor? I'm a physician, that's not what I like doing. So you really still like your day job? I'm going to be on Dr. You have this successful career. I never should have gone back. I don't know what I was thinking.

My ego wouldn't let me not go back. It just wasn't a great idea for me and I probably in retrospect should not have done it time-wise.

So at the beginning of the season when you were begging to be voted off, you were serious? I was completely serious. I was totally ready to walk out the door then. I didn't bother me at all. Unfortunately it backfired on me and [although] I was totally comfortable leaving, instead it got me stuck there. Are you willing to give Will a second chance? Will hears this and comes over, putting his arm around her waste. Janelle looks tongue tied Yes, I'm willing to give Dr.

Delicious a second chance. Or maybe a first chance actually. Janelle stating that she is willing to give Dr. And he strongly concurs with that! Do you think it's bad being dumped? How about being dumped while you're shut off from the outside world and not even knowing it? It looks like that's what may have happened to Big Brother's Dr. Before going into the Big Brother house, he was dating Erin Brodie.

However, after a notorious shower scene in which Janelle is shown eating some body butter off of Will's chest, Will's webmaster received a request asking him to remove all photos of Erin from the site. The next day, Will begged feed watchers to get in touch with Erin to warn her and tell her "its just a game.

According to Janelle, they have dated 9 times since meeting in May. So this was a new relationship before she entered the house.

will and janelle big brother dating

She was also heard on live feeds saying that they had a fight before she started the show and she broke it off with him. But that he worked hard at reeling her back in.

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I'm pretty sure, Ross has been too busy with training camp, opening season and partying it up with Paris Hilton, to pay much attention to Big Brother. Janelle told us he had never even heard of the show and yes he did date Paris! So through 2 degrees of separation, Booger and Janelle have actually made out! Boogie claims Paris lip locked him one night at his restaurant, when he screamed at her and her entourage for locking themselves in the bathroom at Geisha House.

When she exited, according to Boogie, she shoved him against the wall and made out with him for 3 minutes. Let's NOT go there!