Yogscast rythian and zoey dating simulator

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yogscast rythian and zoey dating simulator

For examples pertaining only to Rythian's channel, go here. For examples related to In The Little Wood, go here. For examples related to Zoey Proasheck. And a lot of it was thanks in part to the Yogscast, especially Rythian. Plus it's through this fanfiction I met a person who is now one of my best. Can I be your apprentice in Blackrock Chronicles, and join the Yogscast? Are you and Zoey dating in real life? Zoey made the season two and three ones.

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Where do we even start. Sips is certainly one of the least serious members of the Yogscast. He gives his character personalities and hilarious stories which you find yourself becoming more absorbed in than the actual game itself! Definitely becoming the fan favourite, Sips is one to watch. Hannah tackles a lot of new releases, showcasing them the week they come out.

An interesting gamer, Hannah gives the channel a female view on different games, while also conducting a lot of great interviews on the side. An anime fan and vlogger, Martyn is brilliant at interacting with his fans and the Yogscast community.

After Smith gives Simon some advice about jihad bombs, Simon suicide charges someone with it and takes them out, leaving the others alive and winning the innocents the game. At the start of the next round, Lewis comments on how he didn't realise that he'd been with two traitors at once. Simon immediately takes this opportunity to call him out.

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This then prompts an argument between Lewis, Simon and Hat Films as to whether or not he was cheating. You literally did that!

yogscast rythian and zoey dating simulator

I feel like the "no" went on for a bit longer than the bullets actually hit you. Series 2, Episode 2 of TTT: Lewis notices that Simon is standing still and grabbing new items, suspecting that Simon is spawning stuff in, at which point Simon accuses him of not paying attention to the basics.

Lewis eventually reasons that if Simon has the heavy machine gunhe won't be able to hit anything. Cue Simon pulling out a jihad bomb and killing himself, Lewis, Sjin and Ross, one of his fellow traitors, all of whom scream in panic before death, and then Simon just degenerating into helpless laughter.

You should never have told him that, Smith.

Crown Conquest Round 1 - Rythian and Zoey

What, put the C As that round ends, everyone wonders were Trott was for that entire round after shouting out. It later turns out that Sips lured him into the toilets and stabbed him. The next round, someone randomly sets a dead horse on fire. Also, Simon is the detective and asks for protection from Smiffy, who is the traitor and shoots him in the head as soon as he goes into the menu, while Lewis randomly walks into a tripmine. That round ends with a Curb-Stomp Battlesince none of the traitors died at all.

Things quickly degenerate into a bloodbath, with Duncan, and then Sjin, being murdered. Oh my god, everyone's fucking dead! What do I do? What the fuck do I do? I think I killed all of the innocent people! I'm not even joking! I don't think I killed a single terrorist!

Why did you fucking shoot everybody? It was just bad luck! At this point, somebody possesses the table Simon is hiding behind, and slowly starts moving it away, much to Simon's horror. Smiffy then emerges and, realising that Simon is responsible directly or indirectly for all the dead bodies, offs him to be safe.

Yogscast: Who Do I Watch?

She hacks into their control panel to allow herself remote access, and then finds Rythian. She gives him his eye and they prepare to leave, but are ambushed by DoG. Zoey unleashes the mobs on DoG, which distracts him, and Sjinergy uses the rubble caused by the creeper explosions to encase DoG in a temporary prison, giving the Supers time to escape.

The supers concede Rythian is on the side of good, and therefore a friend. Meanwhile, Parv is training to be a bloodmage with Strife, the last Angel of the Aether who has fallen to the nether after banishment and killed all the angels in retaliation. Parv attempts to rob a jewlery store on Halloween, but Kirin Dave and Lying attempt to assassinate him, because KD abhors other mages and believes magical balance requires him to be the only mage around.

It turns out that Strife is not the last angel, but one of two, the other being KD, who was banished before Strife for inventing magic in the Aether.

yogscast rythian and zoey dating simulator

Their assassination attempt fails when Strife, who is stronger and scarier, intervenes to save Parv. Later, X hires a supervillain to kill Sjinergy, knowing he would fail, as he knows that Sjinergy is an unstable time bomb of borrowed power from DoG.

He anticipates Sjin will murder the supervillain in overkill and have an existential crisis about who he is and how he should use his powers.