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Our Avatar Studio Gift is a present to the Poptropica community, containing a compendium of usernames that will allow access to rare (typically uncustomizable). 7 yrs ago, 4 mos ago - Sunday 6/5/11 - PM EST (GMT-5). quote message . what is your username for stihotvorenia.info?. So we've decided to compile a database of member username and. Promo Codes · Money Maker; Cheats is there any one out there with up to date username and password i got another user swag pass abc the avatar looks exactly like thinknoodles avatar it has 2 costumes it is great hope you like.

poptropica avatar studio glitch

Then you can customize the lid of the trash can! Kitty Cat If you have not completed 24 Carrot Island, go there and into the place where you find the cat. The cat will turn into a small human. Rope Malfunction Climb to any rope and either do an emo hotkey or press space bar while holding an item with a special action. Go to the Poptropica Avatar Studio and type in the username fsdummy.

poptropica avatar studio usernames for dating

Refresh Poptropica and if a message appears click cancel. Then you have no eyes and no mouth!

Poptropica Avatar Studio

Customize Master Go to your Friends Profile and go into one of your pictures. Then click the blimp to return to your game. After that, go back to your friends page, customize one of your friends, and you can customize anything they have on!

This only works for the first item you customize though, so repeat the steps to do it again! Friend the username everything and use the Customize Master glitch to customize his robot in his closet!

poptropica avatar studio usernames for dating

Gender Mix Up Open a new tab to this page. Then another new tab to this page Poptropica Ad Transporter. Click on any random ad.

If you were a boy, you are now a girl and if you were a girl, you are now a boy! Floating — Again Thanks to Magic Star for this glitch!

Avatar Studio Gift

Right after you give the signal flag back to the man on Early Poptropica, use the jet pack to fly to the right and you can stand in the air there, before the ship comes.

Balance Master Get a peg leg from the Pirate Costume in the Poptropica Storego to Spy Island, Main street, and customize the jumpsuit from the woman in a black jumpsuit. Put on the grappling bow tie, jump to the cord, aim your bow tie down, and you should be standing on the cord, on the street!

He will then have strange ears that you can customize! Click customize and then either one of the 2 spots circled below. Then you get to customize 2 construction workers that were suppose to be gone! Handheld Items Handheld items are items you hold ion your hand. You can get these from the Poptropica Store, in islands, or randomizing your Poptropican. Big Spoon, Book, Swords, Feather, Paddle, Handcuffs and More Enter everything to your friends list, go to his closet and customize the items you want!

Then log out and log back into Poptropica. You should now be carrying a pitcher filled with black liquid! Put on the hang glider, go into the cave, take off the hang glider, exit the cave and you should have a torch! Pickax Go into Dr.

Avatar Studio Glitches

Ride the motorcycle and get off at the first place you can. This website also features many of the new islands as old islands and many other patched non-existing mini-games aswell! Here's a Tutorial which you can use to learn how to access multiverses and members only islands with this application: All you have to do, is to friend these usernames: Benchow1 was the person that found out how to get the e. He was like the best of the best. Pixel a really good glitcher jcwarw3 realised this and managed to get benchow1's account.

She managed to clone some of the stuff that were in benchow1's account after FS's hacking. She managed to get the e. After she got some stuff from it, FS continued to delete all the rare stuff from benchow1's account. Some days passed and pixel gave the stuff to H. M, and then the e. Recently, Pixel gave me Benchow1's account, so I can give it back to him, but I forgot the password, and Benchow1 asked me for it 2 days ago.

The only hope benchow1 has to revive his account, is the creators. Ben Chow then collaborated with two people Well Known, who's names shouldn't be shared who he said were very disrespectful to him and they only collaborated so they could take his methods.

So he quit poptropica. We managed to archive some of the oldest poptropica ads and I made a new site from which anyone could use and access the ads: We have collaborated with the PHB and we can now use the method to help you guys with services, ASGs and anything else you can ever imagine!

So far, we have been working by making accounts glitchable with the ASG, but today Red Lizard Pointed out something that has been under my nose all along, and thanks to him, we were able to use this method to our own benefit and we have successfully managed to recreate dummies, and Modify everything on a whole new Level! With this method, we can also create accounts with a space " " in their Usernames, which is not mainly allowed by Poptropica!