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With a Village of love around him, his heart learned to open and his true personality began to shine—very brightly! Dexter was an undiscovered SoulDog…one of those dogs that you just know…you just know! He has served our country and currently serves to protect our City and its citizens, human and canine alike. One of their adopters were displaced due to a house fire. Thankfully everyone made it out ok. And, though they were able to accommodate their dog with temporary placement, there was a resident Husky in need of assistance.

The good people at The Doggie Den generously offered to help us help this girl and her people. We completed her medical exam, vaccinations, HW test, deworming, and a full spa day took care of the dirt, matting and fleas she came in with.

Sunday stayed with us for almost 8 weeks while her humans regrouped. They then came back for her, so we sent her home with lots of goodies and the promise to be there, should she ever need us for any reason. We checked in with them to see how she was doing and found out that Sunday was now chained and being sold on Facebook!

It was decided that she would officially enter the NMDOG program, where she would find a home that Husky dreams are made of! Sunday soon caught the eye of an incredible family: They have shared their home and their hearts with many, but now they had just one lonely Wooly. She needed a friend, a Husky sister to romp with. Sunday and her sister hit it off from the beginning: Their parents take the girls out for hikes every morning and in the evenings.

They are full of great adventure! Thank you to everyone that played a part in her rescue. We were contacted and we welcomed this fluffy heartthrob into our hearts and our program. Upon intake, it was discovered that Fabio also suffered from heartworm disease, along with being very underweight, dirty and matted.

We began treatment right away and our friends at The Doggie Den gave Fabio a full spa day! This is a good start for his beautiful locks, but it would be a long road through heartworm treatment and ongoing nutritional support was desperately needed.

Through months of activity restriction, painful injections, lots of love, patience and good nutrition Fabio was on his way to a full recovery. Last month, the day finally came that we had all been anticipating, and Fabio received a medical clearance! He was then neutered and placed up for adoption.

Soon after, the most perfect application came in from a wonderful Husky family in Utah. He now has the family he always deserved and dreamed of, complete with his very own furry twin sister! His parents are amazing: His mom works from home and Fabio has a huge secure Husky yard with grass and trees to play in. Fabio is one of the sweetest kids you can ever imagine and we are so thrilled for him and his new family!

Thank you to everyone that helps us make outcomes like this possible: Congratulations to Fabio and is amazing new family.

We wish you many, many years of happiness together. Just as easy going and chill as they come, Grape makes friends wherever he goes. But soon after he was neutered and cleared for adoption, Grape stole the heart of one special person and one special dog, in particular. Grape began his trial adoption and everything went great! So, he decided to adopt them both!

Now Grape has his very own Dad and a new sister! After work during the week, he does yoga with his Dad. Thank you to everyone that helps us provide these amazing dogs with the lives they deserve…off the chain!

Here, she learned good manners and how to live inside a home. Also how to share her space and her toys. Our Foster Guardians are so important in the development of our kids on their journey to forever and we treasure them with all that we have!

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Shortly after being spayed and cleared for adoption a wonderful Villager saw Gremlin and shared her story with a friend. Turns out, that friend was just the right fit for our little munchkin and vice versa! So, Gremlin made her way up the mountain to meet her amazing new forever mom and it was love at first sight!

These two girls are enjoying the retired life and not letting one opportunity to live life pass them by! Gremlin and her Mom do all sorts of fun stuff together: We know Gremlin will rock it, shes fast and smart! We are so thrilled for this little lovebug, she got a brand new lease on life, and, this time, she scored the jackpot!!! Congratulations to Gremlin and her new Mom: The request was to provide medical care to two dogs and protective custody holds through the custody hearing.

Thankfully, we were able to answer that call and both kids were awarded to us permanently. Yogi stayed with us. He had many physical and emotional wounds that he would need to overcome after his ordeal: When Yogi initially presented, it was clear that he was in need of surgery to repair all of the lacerations to his face, head, ears, back legs, abdomen, and forearms. We had to take this risk for any chance of saving him. Our incredible surgical team at Petroglyph Animal Hospital pulled off a miracle once again and Yogi pulled through!

Now began his very long road to recovery. So much suffering in his short little life. Yogi began venturing out into the world, and, after some time, began to gain confidence and find joy. Like the majority of our dogs, this would be the first time Yogi ever lived inside a home and the challenges he presented were met with unconditional love, devotion, and dedication from his foster family. With their support, Yogi soon excelled in all that was asked of him and he began attending training classes.

Way to go Yogi! Yogi attended all of our adoption events and made many wonderful friends along the way, but it became very clear that his foster family humans and canines alike truly had his heart—so he adopted all of them! Recently, they all bought a new house and now they have lots of room to run and play! From Forgotten, to Forever…this is just one of the many tales of the incredible ability to overcome, that we see in soooo many of our amazing dogs.

Today Yogi prances around like he never had a care in the world. He holds his head high and he LoooVes to cuddle with his humans and doggie sisters.

Congratulations to everyone on a job very well done! Their probation period is now over and they are once again allowed to torture and abuse animals. We jumped into action right away, but sadly, one of the little dogs passed away before we arrived to pick them up and his life-mate of at least 10 years had to be humanely euthanized immediately upon arrival at our clinic. That is how bad it was! A third dog from the case passed away in her sleep four days later. We lost 3 out of 6 in this case due to the horrible suffering they endured prior to our intervention.

We worked closely with Peralta Animal Control and built a strong case against their abusers. Appearing in court on their behalf, we were awarded permanent custody of our survivors Frida, Gracie and Chewie.

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Multiple animal cruelty charges were upheld and arrest warrants were issued for those involved. To date, they have not been located.

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We got to work on the remaining 3 dogs and were able to ensure each of them a full recovery and a wonderful chance at a new life!! We are so grateful to these wonderful folks for their support and their love of Dog!

Frida was one of the lucky ones: Once in our care, she began to blossom into the dog she was always meant to be. Frida was very shy and nervous around people at first, though she consistently remained one of the sweetest girls we have ever had to the pleasure to serve. We knew there was a special and very lucky family out there for her and our hearts soared when she found them! She also has a job: She has settled into her new home wonderfully and today, she is loved, treasured and adored beyond measure.

Every now and then, she still cowers and gets nervous, but she is making great progress and carries her head high more days than not. That is the magic of Dogs… Today, Frida hangs out on her lush lawn, goes for walks twice a day with her Dad and little sisters, sleeps in the bed and helps Mom around the house. Enjoy, Frida…you deserve all of the good you now have and remember….

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That is illegal… We visited the location and found a young little Husky girl tied to a fence with no shelter and very little water available. Upon making contact with the resident, we discovered that she was just picked up on the side of the road a few days earlier and the finder had all intentions of keeping her, never filed a found dog report with the proper agencies, never took her in for a chip scan and never made any attempt to find the legal guardian.

We then scanned for a microchip with a negative result, filed a contained stray report with Bernalillo County Animal Care Services and the Animal Welfare Department, checked lost dog postings and completed the 72 hour stray hold required by state law. One must not just assume and must always exercise due diligence when picking up a stray dog and adhere to legal responsibilities.

You never know what story a dog might carry with them or who might be looking for them! If a dog is found and not reclaimed, they will become legally available for adoption once all of those responsibilities are met. At that point you are free to adopt your found dog, but not before. Going through the shelter system offers many benefits to the dog that a private person often times cannot.

Most Animal Care Departments and shelters want what is best for the animals and will work with finders to ensure a good outcome, legally. Dreamer is all too happy to serve as the spokesdog in this PSA of sorts. Dreamer is free to be the dog her wild heart longs to be. Dreamer also has an older brother and an older sister who lovingly tolerate her Husky ways.

She joined this adored pack just a short time after their eldest member crossed the Rainbow Bridge and her gift of healing to their broken hearts has been greatly appreciated. It is a match made in Heaven and we think maybe their older brother RIP might have had a little something to do with bringing Dreamer into their lives. We got the call about a squiggly little Bull Terrier that had been abandoned in a yard, for who knows how long.

He was skinny, suffered with severe hair loss and had lots of open wounds and old scars, but from the second we met him he was full of life!! We scooped him up out of the shelter, got him to the vet right away and this began his NMDOG journey. Higgins also received an almost immediate offer of foster from a wonderful Bull- loving Villager, who had lots of love to give to this once neglected kid. Good thing, because Mr. Higgins had a very long list of medical concerns that would need to be addressed and he absolutely required a soft, safe and attentive place to land.

You would never know any of this except for the obvious external issues because Higgins maintained his positive, Bully-liscious attitude through it all. We began treatment for his multiple conditions, one step at a time, careful not to overload his system.

The exceptional care he would receive in his Bull Terrier foster home would be an integral part of his progress, eventual recovery and lifelong management. Higgins underwent Heartworm treatment with mandatory activity restriction those of you that have had to restrict Bull Terrier activities can appreciate this challenge!

We are pretty sure that Mr. Higgins had never stepped foot inside of a home before, much less behaved in one! We just could not be anymore thrilled! The commitment, devotion and unconditional love that Higgins foster, now forever, Dad has showed him from day one has been nothing short of outstanding and so incredibly appreciated.

I just always get soooo excited when our kiddos hit the jackpot and this is definitely the case for our dear Mr Higgins. Higgins is lucky to have such an amazing Village looking out for him! Thank you to everyone that makes our important work for NMs Forgotten Dogs possible and thank you for always holding us up!

Higgins you little rascal, you and his AdoraBull new forever family…you will always be part of ours. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He was surrounded by other suffering, neglected, abused and dying animals. But yes, he was lucky because Steel lived, made a full recovery and now has the most amazing life. Those people are the true heroes. Then there are others that are as guilty as the accused abusers, they are: They should be on trial right along with the accused.

But that will never be because there were never any animal cruelty charges filed against the accused, despite documentation of multiple counts of animal cruelty and death. What is to ever stop these people from once again collecting and torturing animals? I guess that is a question that would have to be brought to the attention of the Otero County officials in charge of this case.

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