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For once, she didn't want to be the one who was overlooked. She wanted Right now, she had a date and an ice cream waiting. Besides He's not Noah. She'd started to imagine heated glances from him. She still flushed at the thought of the ridiculous party favor she'd gotten at that bachelorette party the prior month. Bachelorette Party Series: Volume 1 - Kindle edition by Rochelle Paige. Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited; Publication Date: December 2, ; Sold by. “Why are we having my bachelorette party at a karaoke bar again?” I asked Which would have been my preference for how my bachelorette party was going to go, if I absolutely had to have one. I didn't think they “Being your friend is like trying to get up close and personal with a natural disaster,” she'd said. “Sure, we .

Meet Becca's 28 Men! Their childish, slightly vague fighting was the theme for the night and everyone's trip to Richmond, Virginia a place for lovers and also dead presidents.

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They fought before the group date and during the group date, including up on stage in front of a crowd during a debate where they were supposed to be proving their love for Becca in the Beccalection. It was an embarrassing display for reasons beyond the word "Beccalection"and we're not the only ones who thought so. Becca said she was embarrassed, and if we were her we would have packed up and left right then and there.

Somehow, she carried on through the post-date cocktail party, through Eddie's nonsense and Lincoln's lies about Eddie.

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Instead of an equal participant looking for love, Becca seemed more like a teacher shepherding unruly kids on a field trip. ABC At least things went a little better for poor Becca during her one-on-ones this week. He kissed her in a coffin, and then they attended a gothic happy hour, an event meant only for those who enjoy a "welcoming darkness. Becca loved Jasons's friends so much because they reminded her of home and her own friends, which is her explanation for everything she loves, but is also fair.

She left that date with Jason acting as if he is The One, but her joy was all gone by the time she went on her date with Leo. The field trip with the other boys had exhausted Becca so much that Leo's long flowing Jason Momoa hair wasn't even enough to thrill her immediately.

Eventually, she was into the date, which involved waders and oyster shucking and one of those awkward concerts, though this date wasn't even close to the same level as Jason's.

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That can probably be explained by the fact that we haven't even seen Becca speak to Leo up until this point, and the fact that she was emotionally done. For those unaware, Zoie Burgher was a Twitch streamer who caught fire late last year.

Originally, she was just a college girl dressed in low-cut tops and cheeky Halloween outfits, twerking for donations during her Call of Duty streams. When you guys make that announcement, people are going to be all over you When I profiled her for Rolling Stone earlier this year, I found a woman maniacally dedicated to perfecting her radical new mash-up of pinup and videogames. D'Angelo Taylor is not part of that world.

He's a crane operator and a single dad, and while he once had a brief dalliance with competitive Call of Duty, his awareness of the volatile, still-malleable notion of "videogame fame" was tenuous at best.

After a month-or-so of dates, hang-outs, and emotionally intense conversations, Burgher wanted to make the relationship public. One afternoon, she smashed herTwitter followers against Taylor's extremely modest online posture like a wrecking ball.

Life hasn't been the same for him since. When you guys make that announcement, people are going to be all over you,'" says Taylor.

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People take photos of you inside and outside of restaurants. You go to a lot of red carpets. Eventually you break up by leaking the news to Us Weekly.

But when it comes to the weird world of online stardom, how romance is handled is completely new and often bizarre. All of a sudden, you're strapped in for the ride.

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Rania and Octavian "Kripparrian" Morosan 's relationship is the stuff of internet legend at this point. Rania liked Kripp's famous Hearthstone stream, so she added him on Skype to thank him personally. They started talking everyday, until Kripp jumped on a plane to Rania's native Greece to meet her in person.

They fell in love, and he never left the country until they decided to move, together, back to Canada. Professionally, Rania studied Artificial Intelligence and was working at a University full-time, but she suspended that career to make Kripp's media output a two-person job. After seeing great results from me sporadically helping out, we knew I was the ideal person to be his full time manager and YouTube editor.

More than three years later, it's still working out great. His work ethic is mind-boggling, and Rania is a consistent, ubiquitous presence—always lurking a few inches off camera, probably playing with their adorable German Shepard. She's even become an in-chat meme; the hoards of teenage boys that populate his feed every night demand her, and occasionally she'll make a special appearance, usually on a holiday, or a new expansion release date.

More regularly, they'll also spam "Rania, the baby is crying" whenever Kripp is whining about his bad RNG. Rania clearly wields the broadsword in the relationship. Collaterally, Rania's own personal YouTube oeuvre has blossomed. The videos are usually quite wholesome— updates on the verdant backyard greenhouse, or cooking up fresh vegan recipes. Their quiet, picturesque life—newlyweds with awesome dogs and a shared diet plan—feels a little strange compared to the endless hours they spend cultivating an invisible online congregation.

According to Rania, when you're in this business, you gotta make peace with a lack of privacy. As long as it doesn't negatively affect it, and there are some limits, I don't mind it at all," she says. We are both very appreciative and respectful of the audience, and for all the support we have been getting.