Bruce willis dating 2010

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bruce willis dating 2010

Actor and musician Bruce Willis is well known for playing wisecracking or Gorillaz Featuring Mos Def and Bobby Womack: Stylo (Video short). Directed by Kevin Smith. With Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Juan Carlos Hernández, Cory Fernandez. Jimmy's rare baseball card is robbed. Since it's his only. Bruce Willis has married British-born model Emma Heming in an island ceremony in the She has been dating year-old Willis since

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, who co-star, have absolutely no chemistry and I did not believe for a single second they would ever be friends, or even be able to tolerate one another for that matter.

Bruce Willis marries a Demi double (but 16 years younger) in Caribbean ceremony | Daily Mail Online

Furthermore, I did not believe for a single second that Tracy Morgan could ever be a cop. I am willing to suspend some disbelief in movies like this but c'mon.

bruce willis dating 2010

This role would have been kin to casting Betty White in Taken. Morgan is a very funny man in supporting situations, with 30 Rock being an apt example Although that show benefits from Tina Fey's screenplay. If she had penned Cop Out this review could be reading far differently but as with actors like Chris Rock and Chris Tucker, a little goes a long way.

Bruce Willis filmography

Then we have Bruce Willis who just seems eager to leave. I have never seen Willis mope his way through a movie like this; all of his roguish charms seemed drained by the horrific writing and familiarity of the gags. To make matter worse yet, we get a horrendous performance from Sean William Scott, also a very funny man, whose character is as annoying as it is perfunctory.

Many have been calling this a familiar rehash of buddy cop flicks of years past; I wish.

Bruce Willis

The plot, in case you care, centers on Willis' and Morgan's Jimmie and Paul, two NYPD detectives who stumble into a drug ring after Jimmie's prized baseball card is stolen in front of his eyes during a robbery. He released a version of the Drifters song " Under the Boardwalk " as a second single; it got to No.

bruce willis dating 2010

Willis returned to the recording studio several times afterward. In the early s, Willis's career suffered a moderate slump, as he starred in flops such as The Bonfire of the Vanities He gained more success with Striking Distance but flopped again with Color of Night Inhe was the executive producer and star of the cartoon Bruno the Kid which featured a CGI representation of himself.

In the movie, he plays a drunken criminal named "Muddy Grimes", who mistakenly sends Judge's titular characters to kill his wife, Dallas voiced by Moore. He then played the lead roles in 12 Monkeys and The Fifth Element However, by the end of the s his career had fallen into another slump with critically panned films like The JackalMercury Risingand Breakfast of Championssaved only by the success of the Michael Bay -directed Armageddon which was the highest-grossing film of worldwide.

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  • Bruce Willis marries a Demi double (but 16 years younger) in Caribbean ceremony

Night Shyamalan 's film, The Sixth Sensewhich was both a commercial and critical success. Willis was originally cast as Terry Benedict in Ocean's Eleven but dropped out to work on recording an album.

Inhe appeared in the film adaptation of Sin City.

bruce willis dating 2010

Inhe appeared in the Planet Terror half of the double feature Grindhouse as the villaina mutant soldier. He filled in for an ill David Letterman on his show February 26,when he was supposed to be a guest.

bruce willis dating 2010

On April 12,he appeared again, this time wearing a Sanjaya Malakar wig. Willis has appeared in four films with Samuel L. Willis also worked with his eldest daughter, Rumerin the film Hostage.

bruce willis dating 2010

Subsequently, he appeared in the films What Just Happened and Surrogatesbased on the comic book of the same name. Army general William R.