Celebrity dating quiz

Who’s Your Celebrity Girlfriend? | BrainFall

celebrity dating quiz

There is no shortage of gorgeous celebrity babes to drool over, but have you ever wondered which one you might find some real chemistry with? Take the quiz. Celebrity Look Alike Personality Quiz · Celebrity Look Alikes -- Which Is The Real Celeb? Related Topics. Celebrity Boyfriend · Celebrity. ever wonder what celebrity you were meant to be with? go no further. This quiz will tell you what you need to know about which celebrity was made for YOU!.

Run out there, give a speach, and interact with the crowd Insist you dont - you hate crowds Walk out, hold your dates hand, and smile at the crowd 4 Someone started a rumor about you. It's spreading like wildfire throughout the media! Start a rumor about a different celebrity. Maybe it'll get the media off your back. In the mean time, just deal with it Enjoy the attention, weather or not it's true. Atleast people are noticing you! Go into hiding, and refuse to show your face until the media backs off 5 You and your date are in a big disagreement on one of your dates.

Soon, there's a big crowd watching. What do you do? Take one look at the crowd and run off, leaving your date behind Pull your date through the crowd and go discuss it quietly in a private place Continue your argument and make it look bigger than it is 6 You and a date have the best hotel room in the city for a night, but when you get there, a huge crowd of photographers are standing by the door.

Make a sexy smile and pull your date in the room Roll your eyes, and go inside anyway Freeze, and pull your date aside and tell them you dont want to do this anymore 7 Your date dedicates a song to you at a party. When it's announced, everyone stops and starts watching you.

Who’s Your Celebrity Boyfriend? | BrainFall

Gently kiss your date on the cheek and run get a drink Hold your date close, and do as many kisses as possible Dance close, but nothing to big 8 A huge fan club comes up to you and your date. It looks as if they're hitting on your date. Turns out I can't go; I have to babysit my little siblings.

That's OK, though, I probably would have fainted anyway. Its finally time to meet your celebrity crush! How do you feel about it?

celebrity dating quiz

I am so nervous, obviously. I'm shaking from head to foot. But I've wanted to meet him for so long so I'm not going back now. I look great, I feel great, and I know exactly what I'm gonna say when I see him! I just have to keep reminding myself that he is just a person like any of us. I want to make sure he doesn't think of me as some crazy fan. Well, since I'm actually babysitting, I'm only imagining that I'm meeting him right now. So you met your celebrity crush and he just happened to slip you his number.

I can't believe that actually happened to me. I don't know if I should call. What if its a joke? My dreams are finally coming true.

Who’s Your Celebrity Girlfriend?

I'll wait a few days so I don't look desperate and then I'll call. Um, I'll call right after the meet and greet, obviously! If I wait too long he might find someone else! Again, I'm babysitting, remember? But in my dreams he's handing me his number, and then he kisses me in front of the crowd You talk to your celeb and he asks if you want to hang out.

What do you say?

celebrity dating quiz

Um, wait, isn't he famous? Where would we even go?