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divo latino dating

The tour promotes Il Divo's latest and seventh studio album, "Amor & Pasión," Spanish, for the first time, a collection of classic Latin American songs. in advance of the band's Saturday date at the Revention Music Center. In just a few years years Il Divo, the quartet of classically trained singers “We can take a jazz, classical, rock or Latino piece; it doesn't matter,” says David. Buy Il Divo tickets from the official stihotvorenia.info site. Find Il Divo.

This earned them the Billboard Breakthrough Award for being the highest-grossing tour of the year.

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The live album is a journey through the songs of their first five studio albums that debuted at No. They closed with his first Christmas special intimate show entitled Celebrate Christmas with Il Divo, which included a traditional repertoire of favourite songs of the holiday season with an orchestra and special guests in the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

They started with two concerts at the Hammersmith Apollo in London on 7 and 8 December with guest artists; violinist Vanessa-Mae and Camilla Kerslakeending in the United States offering six more concerts. The award recognises the massive impact the operatic group has had in the classical genre, selling over 25 million albums, from toworldwide. The creative director of the concerts the tour was Biran Burke, head of the most important shows of the city of Las Vegas.

During the concerts, Il Divo was accompanied by the orchestra in each city in which he acted.

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A minute DVD Il Divo concert at the London Coliseum with extras in a documentary recording "Wicked Game" in their promotional tours in rehearsals for the concert and evening of the show, recorded in the Coliseum Theatre in London on 2 August The show was designed by creative director Brian Burke, who says that "Il Divo is the perfect modern fusion of opera, theater and concert.

It is a privilege as a director to create a visual landscape inviting the audience on a theatrical journey of their music", along with producer AEG Live.

Songs with new arrangements tailored to their distinguished voices. The Greatest Songs of Broadway. French version produced and arranged by Alberto Quintero with new songs with French singers, partially or fully interpreted in French.

The gala award ceremony took place on 3 July at the Grosvenor Housea five-star hotel in London. But the genre of bolero has never been done by them.

Therefore their seventh studio album will consist of mainly this genre. The flavours and sultry rhythms of Spain and Cuba, Argentina and Mexico give a nod to the quartet's beginnings.

divo latino dating

The group performed Amazing Grace. Inthey performed the song "Sortilegio de amor" for soundtrack of the telenovela entitled Sortilegio written by Brazilian singer Denisse de Kalafe, theme for which they were nominated and subsequently winners of Mexico TvyNovelas Awards for Best Musical Theme for the song "Sortilegio".

Gorbachev came to meet us — Obama, Bush.

Il Divo - Simon Cowell's Heroes

When we played Madison Square Gardens with Barbara Streisand, there was a knock on the door in the intermission and there was Hilary Clinton.

Can I have a photo? And then Bill Clinton arrived and said: Hey, I play the saxophone. We could do a duet. I see everything as a film passing in front of my eyes. Accomplished tenor, Urs, from Switzerland, played violin, clarinet, piano, guitar and drums and had even fronted a heavy metal band as a teenager, before choosing a classical route. Sebastien was a talented singer-songwriter, whose single Si Tu Savais had reached number one in the French charts. Initially, all they shared was their passion for their music, together with a certain curiosity at having been recruited into the quartet.

But when they sang together, something exceptional happened.

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The stellar success of their first album, Il Divowhich sold more than a million copies in the UK alone in its first six weeks, and in total topped the charts in 12 countries, left no doubt that Il Divo were far more than music industry hype. Their crossover of the classical and the popular, the multiple languages, the crescendo the operatic brings to much-loved hits and their refusal to be intimidated by the preconceptions of what was high-brow and what was commercial — all stirred a longing in audiences.

Around the world, a record buying public — who had long been dismissed as not quite discerning enough for opera, yet who had embraced the Three Tenors and Andrea Bocelli — welcomed the depths and textures and the thrilling sensuality the four very different voices of Il Divo created together.

Of course, their Armani-clad physiques did not hurt either. When Il Divo appeared on stage, standing ovations accompanied every song along with a constant flow of flowers to the stage.

divo latino dating

And it was whilst on a promotional tour for that album in Spain, that the possibility of an album of Latin music surfaced. After 11 years, we always find something again that gets us genuinely excited. I am so inspired by this album. A lot of the music was completely unknown to me before.