Nephew tommy dating shirley

Nephew Tommy Biography, Age, Wife, Prank Calls, Tour and Ready to Love

nephew tommy dating shirley

Nephew Tommy born Thomas Miles is an American stand up comedian, actor, writer and producer. First episode date: September Starring: Steve Harvey; Shirley Strawberry; Carla Ferrell; Thomas Miles; Kier Spates; J. Anthony Brown. It was totally a Boyfriend/Girlfriend conversation. At the end of the conversation, Steve comes in and Shirley is soooo surprised. She clearly. The female to male ratio in Atlanta is making dating a difficult task. Tommy Miles aka Nephew Tommy from the Steve Harvey Morning.

Nephew Tommy I have it recorded and watched it several times. Arrogant Aaron is a trip.

nephew tommy dating shirley

I truly hope Angel open her eyes. Prayers up to Alex. I have enjoyed the cast becoming friends. Women being respectful and supportive throughout the process. If that Angel girl is with Aaron, she has deep issues as well!

Spin off of Shae and Micheal Yall should re name the show to 9 mad black damage woman. Naw boo yall been hurt and want other men too pay for it. Seek therapy before dating new men.

nephew tommy dating shirley

Yall shoukda had vanyanla in between sessions for these girls The guy that looking for a breeder isnt the man you want because if the first session dont produces a baby hes gonna be mad. Ill pass on them all except chocolate drop.

Oh and Arron need a chic aroubd 20 that believes his fake game. These girls to damage for him Yes love it. We need a Houston ready to love Aaron needs to learn to be quiet and listen. Over talking the ladies is not cool. Let them talk then you respond. That was an awesome season.

Great grown ass adult show! When was the season finale? I thought it was last night. Someone please let me know. Nephew Tommy Friday, December 28th, at 4: Tell us which city we should go to next! Oprah Winfrey Network A city where Aaron won't be back! I'll bring the ratings!!! Nephew Tommy can the next city be in Texas!!! The Carolinas is a must. Where ever the next one be count me in. There's only Smart Financial tickets to unlock spaces for uncle Tommy upfront tickets. Can you help us?! Look forward to hearing from you!

I am ready to love. I hope you've seen the Season Finale of "Ready to Love. Now, to the real reason for my letter. A few months ago he started coming home late and sometimes even sleeping out.

I was so furious i ask him for my keys and tell him not to come back to my house.

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I went away for 2 weeks and while on my vacation he called me every day and beg me to take him back. So when i got back i told him that he could come back home. Exactly 3 days after i took him back, he slept out again. This time i was so furious and i called him the following day and asked him to just release my heart and stop playing games. He said he has something to tell me and when he tells me i might not want to be with him again.

Nephew Tommy Biography, Age, Wife, Prank Calls, Tour and Ready to Love

So we met up and he told me that he got another lady pregnant and he was trying to convince her to do an abortion but she refused. So the reason why he had been acting like that towards me is because he feels so guilty. I tried to act calm and told him to call her so i can speak to her woman to woman and hear what she has to say…when he called her what she told me, literally had me stop breathing for a minute.