Who is casey anthony dating 2013

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who is casey anthony dating 2013

ZIMMERMAN DATING CASEY ANTHONY. By Tap Vann on July 15, FACEBOOK WILL END ON MAY 15th, ! ( comments). It was five years ago this month that Casey Anthony walked out the Anthony has resumed dating, but sources claim she has only gone on a. RELATED: Casey Anthony 'bored out of her mind' in Palm Beach private investigator, talks with John Goodman before his court trial in

Who does casey anthony dating now

The report, which you can see in full above, states that Karagiannis often tried to park in a gated area reserved for residents whenever he visited his girlfriend. Witnesses told police that each time Karagiannis was asked to move his vehicle, he claimed to be an officer with Miami Dade police.

who is casey anthony dating 2013

He also would imply that he had a weapon in the vehicle. According to the report, this happened at least four times between December and January When asked for police identification he refuses to show a badge or a identification card.

The website says that a clerk with the Del Ray Police department confirmed that Karagiannis and his roommate got into some sort of altercation and he was arrested.

who is casey anthony dating 2013

The clerk did not have the arrest report on file, telling Radar Online that the files had been destroyed in a leak at the department. Charges in this case were either never filed or have been expunged.

who is casey anthony dating 2013

Oz show in late October George Anthony also commented on the idea that his daughter is open to having children again. But I would never feel comfortable around her. Those claims were never substantiated.

Casey Anthony Is Dating a 'Really Special Guy Who Can Overlook Her Past': Report | Inside Edition

She served a total of three years behind bars. Share this article Share In he was arrested on suspicion of a battery offence involving his roommate, a Del Ray Police Department clerk told Radar, but files related to the incident were destroyed in a chlorine leak.

who is casey anthony dating 2013

Casey Anthony listens to testimony about forensic evidence during her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse on Friday, June 10, Casey was acquitted of murder on July 5, She is pictured two weeks later with lawyer Jose Baez 'Each time he [was] confronted about the parking issue he advises security that he is a Miami Dade Police Officer and his weapon is in the vehicle,' police said according to the report. Charges were never filed however.

who is casey anthony dating 2013

Anthony's daughter Caylee went missing on July 15, The two-year-old's remains were discovered on December 11 only a few blocks from away from Anthony's home in Orlando, Florida Anthony's father George confirmed that his daughter had been 'seeing someone', and the couple were pictured together in the Florida bar last month, although Karagiannis has claimed he is 'not dating' her officially.

Anthony was branded the most hated mom in America during her high-profile six-week trial in Her daughter Caylee went missing on July 15, and had not been seen by her mother for a month when she was eventually reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy.

Initially Anthony claimed she had been kidnapped by a nanny. However the child's skull was discovered in a wooded area only a few blocks from away from Anthony's home in Orlando, Florida on December 11 Anthony changed her story several times before her trial.