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stockings points of sale, tights made in Italy stores

comprar medias filodoro online dating

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comprar medias filodoro online dating

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On top of this, she uses social media to promote products and events and reaches out to clients via weekly emails.

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Arianne, Ugg, Clara Sunwoo Mastectomy: Anite, Trulife Feel at home at Bella Intimates worldwide boutiques 20 An address out of the ordinary Cocon Dessous Switzerland When Anita Eyacher opened the doors to her boutique in she wanted to provide fine lingerie in a refined setting. Situated in the little town of Appenzell, nestled amongst the Swiss mountains, Cocon Dessous is a true treasure chest surrounded by breathtaking views. Since Novemberthe boutique has been housed on the site of an old ironmongers which was originally an 18th century presbytery.

With the help of an architect, Anita has incorporated the most ancient parts of the location into her store. New life has been breathed into the sandstone walls, coffered ceilings, clay floors, and wooden chests. In their new incarnation, the ceilings and walls have been painted with vibrant colors from the Le Corbusier collec- tion and lingerie and swimwear are displayed in custom made wardrobes and the antique window niches. Great care has been taken to ensure that the changing rooms are spacious but a sense of intimacy has been created with the skillful addition of beautiful satin curtains.

The boutique's lighting is brilliantly thought out, modern lighting such as standard lamps, are skill- fully mixed with Bauhaus style lamps. There is also a cozy corner where clients can relax comfortably on sofas with a cup of coffee or glass of pros- ecco. The selection of lingerie, nightwear, and loungewear, which is a won- derful combination of medium to high-end European brands, is ideally complimented by the selection of swimwear and a ready-to-wear beach collection.

Anita has shown herself to be a dynamic store owner and has launched numerous marketing campaigns, most notably fashion shows and shopping nights complete with live music. Among the Brands Offered Lingerie, beachwear, nightwear and ready-to-wear: Store owner, Vivianne Huang, launched her boutique because she wanted to share this philosophy with the world through lingerie.

Located in the heart of one of the world's fashion capitals, Vivant was styled by an expert design team who are known for their work with fashion giant Gucci. The use of soft pink tones creates a sensual atmosphere throughout the store which is at the same time warm and inviting but also luxurious.

Alongside the extensive selection of lingerie, nightwear, and acces- sories on offer, the store also sells pearl jew- elry from Japanese designers and high-end bath products. Vivianne is meticulous when it comes to deciding which brands to stock in store and only chooses the most stylish and comfortable items made from high- quality material.

Various social media net- works are used to facilitate online shopping and to launch marketing campaigns. How- ever, the store holds such a special place in its customer's hearts that many new clients come via word of mouth. Vivant opened in Shanghai on Valentine's day in order to reflect the store's key principals: The newest store opened recently in in the historic center of the city.

Customers are drawn to Toskana due to the diverse range of lingerie and ready-to-wear on offer, but the exquisite interior design also plays a big role in enticing customers into the store.

Clean lines, bright colors, classic designs, large mir- rors, Queen Anne style tables and chairs combine to create a regal atmosphere.

comprar medias filodoro online dating

Products are displayed in niches with special lighting or in display cases. In every Toskana boutique, women can treat themselves to lingerie, swimwear, loungewear and ready-to-wear from the most famous European brands. Cus- tomer service is a priority at every Toskana store and there are numerous additional services on offer, such as discount cards, gift packaging, home delivery including delivery to another country and an alteration service.

What's more, Toskana also regularly throws special events for clients such as fashion shows and festive celebrations like New Year's Eve parties. Brivibas, Riga — sq. At the beginning of her 40s, she was finally able to raise the funds to make her dream come true. On the 24 of JuneEntreNous opened its doors for the first time in a small Belgian village which attracts many visitors during the holiday season due to its natural beauty.

The women's, men's and maternity collections occupy different parts of the store and are displayed on custom made furniture constructed from lacquered MDF in the store's trademark colors. Delicate lighting is created by the combination of LED spot lights and pendant lights in key locations throughout the store. An intimate space has been created for the changing rooms by placing them in an old bedroom, at a distance from the rest of the store.

There is a huge range of carefully chosen products on offer with prices that vary from 30 to euros. Paladini has opened their new boutique on Via Verri, in the very center of the city.

comprar medias filodoro online dating

After four years of an extremely successful shop-in-shop strategy throughout several department stores, this is a natural step for the Paladini brand. The move to Milan's famous fashion quarter marks a key step in Paladini's strategy to reinforce its image as a luxury brand but it also serves as a reminder of Paladini's deep roots in the Italian tailoring tradition.

At the beginning of the 20th century, only a stone's throw away from the new site, behind Piazza Della Scala, the Paladini family crafted fine corsetry and trousseaux for the Milanese gentry. The prestigious new location of the store is enhanced by its beautiful facade, designed by art-deco master Piero Portaluppi.

The revival of tradition is a theme evident throughout the store as traditional double-shop windows and black marble floors are mixed with contemporary features including light parquet flooring and white lacquered walls.

The old and new combine to create the illusion of depth and volume throughout the store, while the soft color scheme allows the products on display to take center stage. In addition to lingerie and nightwear, for nine months of the year, the boutique will have a dedicated beachwear section, starting from November with a Cruise Collection. Thanks to the "VIP Room", with its two spacious changing rooms, clients can choose to shop in total privacy and comfort. Paladini's new home has been designed to be multi-functional: Storeowner, Julien Raspeau has a background in business but is also well travelled.

Julien has used these experiences to add a layer of sophistication to the store where he played an important part in every step of the boutique's creation. Inside the store, the decor has a minimalist aesthetic but elegance is added through the high- quality materials which are used in innovative ways: There is a wide range of products on offer from underwear, legwear, loungewear and swimwear to bathrobes, bags, and accessories, all selected from the most prestigious European and American brands.

Never short of ideas, Julien is already planning to promote and sell online using social media. If the champagne and macaron launch party is anything to go by we can expect great things from Sans Dessus Dessous! In Novembershe opened a brand new Cocon boutique, this third addition to her retail chain has a sq.

The abundance of street-facing windows, with their innovative displays, are a focal point of the store. The elegant boutique is reminiscent of a boudoir, featuring a pink and white color palette and soft, delicate lighting.

Inside the store, the product range includes exclusive high-end brands. The layout of the store has been carefully designed and all of the products are displayed by category: The new boutique has been advertised in glossy magazines and Victoria attracts further attention for the store by organizing bi-annual fashion shows and working in partnership with several beauty contests.

For the last three years, Cocon has had a successful online store for customers who prefer online shopping when it comes to buying European brands. Twin-Set, Luna di Giorno Legwear: Last August, Natacha chose to celebrate her tenth anniversary at the store by completely renovating it.

The boudoir theme has been brought to life by the new pink padded walls, gilded mirrors, the combination of soft pink and gray tones, and above all, the beautiful chandeliers made from Murano glass. The spacious store, spread over two levels, also houses five comfortable changing rooms which have also been fully renovated. However, not everything has changed, one of the reasons for Le Boudoir- Alice Lange's long history of success is that its core brands and services have remained the same.

Lingerie and swimwear are carefully selected from the best European brands and then organized by style and displayed throughout the store.

In the weeks leading up to the event, women could come to the store for a bra fitting, create a wish list and then their partners could find a gift for them that they not only knew was something that they wanted, but also that would fit perfectly. Located inside a small English town, the boutique reflects this sense of community, as Frillies routinely reaches out to customers, via their blog, website and social media pages.

Inside the store delicate floral prints in shades of pink and white combine with Queen Ann style furniture to create a calming yet feminine atmosphere. In fact, this is one of Rebecca's main priorities, as she has set out to create an environment where every woman can relax and be herself. Customers can treat themselves to a carefully curated range of lingerie, maternity, post-surgery, legwear, swimwear and nightwear, which is displayed on mannequins and display racks throughout the store.

Great care has been taken to stock a diverse range of brands in order to offer lingerie to women of all shapes and sizes. Huit, Fantasie, Moontide Legwear: Last September they reached new levels of success when they decided to combine their two boutiques and open up a large concept store.

While the space is divided by rustic arches in exposed stone and brick, the walls of each section have been painted in colors which reflect the qualities of each product; for example, the lingerie section, which is the biggest and houses not only lingerie but also swimwear and legwear, has been decorated in the sensual colors of red, black and gold while a more gentle green was chosen for the 'bedroom' area, which houses the store's nightwear collection.

The colors, vintage furniture and lighting all combine to create a vibrant atmosphere, which encourages customers to reach out and touch the garments on display. Giusy and Monica have created a one of a kind shopping experience that reflects their high-quality products. Among the Bands Offered Lingerie and Swimwear: The Jury comprised representatives from 20 brands whoputforwardnominees,whichweretakenintoconsideration for the 33 finalists in five categories.

Each winner took to the stage to receive their award — an expertly hand- crafted mosaic statuette made in Ravenna, Italy. New fortwo prestigious intimate apparel brands decided to celebrate their respective anniversaries during the Best of Intima Awards gala.

We are finalizing the Jury, and nominations will be requested soon. Stay tuned for more!

comprar medias filodoro online dating

For further information, please contact: Located in Fulton, Maryland, halfway between Bal- timore and DC, the boutique opened its doors injust before the economic collapse. The idea of building a new business in such a climate seemed overwhelming, and Mary even considered throwing in the towel.

Her family, however, convinced her to persevere and supported her through the rough patches. Her husband, in particular, ensured that she stayed focused by reminding her there was no work she would rather be doing. The shop boasts a successful sales team that works well together, as well as providing man- agement with valuable insight and feedback. Each staff member has their own particular strength, be it customer service or choosing the perfect product mix; this balance of exper- tize is key to the shop's overall success.

Mary and her sales associates are dedicated to finding solutions to customers' needs by spending personal time with each client and not stopping until they have the perfect fit.

Most importantly, the store believes in the importance of giving back to the commu- nity through numerous charitable activities, especially for breast cancer awareness. Mary enjoys attending the event for its networking opportunities, which allow her to reach out to other store owners for advice and ideas, as well as catch up with her vendors in a relaxed setting. She calls the cere- mony "magical," and added, "We're made to feel so special at every turn. The Best of Intima Awards gala makes for an extraordinary memory.

I feel appreciated and acknowledged for all the hard work I have put into Bra-La-La. This upscale lingerie store brings decadent bleu-blanc- rouge French luxury brands to a decidedly red-white-and-blue Yankee clientele. This can be a tricky balancing act in one the nation's most staid cities.

Owner Kiersten Ballman meets her clients' demands by doing things like making sure packaging is discreet, as many of her customers are lunchtime shoppers from conservative law and financial firms, as well as Capitol Hill, who do not want to return to the office with a shopping bag that screams the nature of their purchase; men are especially relieved not to have to tote around pink packaging adorned with ribbons when shopping for a gift for their heart's desire.

Kier- sten places an emphasis on fit, as well as offering styles that are made from quality mate- rials, such as silk, while staying away from "too much frou frou," which are hard sells for a population that runs conservative in dress, no matter their party affiliation.

With over Yelp reviews averaging 4. Opened inshe has been nominated in the past for a Best of Intima Award, but this is her first win. She sees the recognition as vali- dation for all the hard work she put in making her store a success, including having to work extra-long hours during a few lean years along the way. Her customers and staff always kept her positive, and she now looks back on those times, happy that she pushed through.

She is constantly looking to improve the Coup de Foudre shopping experience, be it the store's process, offering, windows or systems. She attended the awards with her devoted husband, George — who she almost forgot to thank in her accep- tance speech whoops! In business for five years, the boutique was nominated three times before finally taking home the coveted Best of Intima Awards statuette. The shop's owner, Karen Papadopoulos, and Manager, Nicole Catanzano, go out of their way to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and empowering; their purpose is to "inspire and nurture a woman's spirit.

Laughter is as important as the furnishings to the overall environment, where women can relax and be inspired. The store's high-end offer is not just about conveying luxury, however, but primarily focused on quality and fit. They select brands with great care, in order to improve the lives of the women they serve. They honor their staff by treating them with respect and dignity, as well as by referring to them as "Partners," who work together "to create and foster an environ- ment of diversity where every woman can be herself.

They hit it off so well, that Cosabella threw a successful in-store event at Inside the Armoire to honor their award.

comprar medias filodoro online dating

They also enjoyed sharing a table with a fellow award winner and speaking with other store owners, managers and industry professionals. Their win was not just mere glory, but also boosted their confidence to expand into Greenwich, CT, where their second location opened in November This new bou- tique mirrors the image, per- sonality and customer service of their North Shore location, and they are eager to take on this new challenge.

When out shopping, instead of finding a perfectly fitting bra, she often ended up just feeling bad about herself. Peg opened her first store with no established reputation, no fol- lowing, and, on some days, only one customer. Neighboring store owners advised her to close her doors, but Peg was persistent and patient.

Now, thirteen years later, Allure counts five boutiques in Minnesota and Wisconsin, close to 7, Facebook followers, and are continuing to grow. Allure's commonsense approach, which sees fit as important as fashion, is a great draw to its Midwestern clientele. With overbra fittings and counting, Allure's staff is trained to help customers find the perfect foundation for everyday wear or special occasions.

They carry over bra sizes from 32A to 48K, in a wide range of cuts and functions, including demi, push-up, strapless, minimizer, sports, nursing, maternity, bridal and t-shirt models, with many beautiful styles from European brands. They also sell a vast range of lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear, making it a one-stop intimates destination.

Allure offers something for everyone, every age, every shape and every size. The pair had a won- derful time enjoying the gala's fancy atmosphere and its hallmark cocktails and food. Lindsey and Sarah don't get to meet many lingerie professionals in Wisconsin, and enjoyed the opportunity to be with their own kind to trade tips and learn about other bou- tiques. On one hand, Alexis Shoenberg opened her bou- tique, Brooklyn Fox, at the height of the economic recession in ; on the other, it was also the moment when Brooklyn was bursting forth as the epicenter of national hipster cul- ture.

Alexis is happy she pushed through the early lean years, largely spurred on via positive feedback from her loyal customers. Her well-curated mix of intimates was an instant hit with local denizens, who demand authenticity and eclecticism, and, unlike their Manhattanite cousins, bristle at flashy displays of unethically generated wealth. Being a Brooklynite herself, she understood the particular needs of her neighbors. Just three years after opening, iconic American fashion designer, Cynthia Rowley, singled out Brooklyn Fox as one of her six favorite local places in the New York Post article, My New York, describing the boutique as a place where you can find "very special things that you wouldn't see anywhere else.

The store's Yelp page is chock-a- block with five-star reviews, many from plus-size women, who state how warm, welcoming and fun their shopping experience was. The staff don't act like security guards standing between you and the fitting rooms, but, instead, dish out honest, helpful advice, urging clients to try on items until they find the perfect gem that is just right for them. The store's website and Instagram also feature photos of real, non-Photoshopped women of all sizes rocking sexy, glamorous lingerie, creating a non-threatening experience before customers even step foot into the boutique.

While Alexis had been nominated previ- ously, this was her first win. She felt she was "living a very charmed life that evening. Alexis elaborates, "It was great just to have a relaxed environment to interact with people who would otherwise be considered competitors.