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inalienable significado yahoo dating

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inalienable significado yahoo dating

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inalienable significado yahoo dating

Executive power is vested in a governor popularly elected for a term of four years. The Gregorian Calendar is used. In it was reconstituted as a political party.

Spanish was recognized as an official language, along with English, and Puerto Ricans were permitted to elect the governor. No other influence or force would have so speedily accomplished such a result.

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In Puerto Rico the ancient Indian culture is represented by cave paintings and by stone and wood carvings idols and ritual seats. The land and the Indians who lived on it were distributed among the Spanish, who raised cattle and introduced new crops on the conquered land.

Under the Treaty of Paris, concluded on Dec. Catholicism is the dominant religion. The remnants of evergreen and mixed forests are found on the northern slopes, and the southern slopes are covered with thickets of drought-resistant shrubs. Lopez Ferrer, also belongs to this group.