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What It’s Like to Be a Stoner Who’s Allergic to Marijuana

Dear Stoner: I know smoking them is a headache waiting to happen, but what should I do with the I hate the idea of throwing away good THC. yes you can grind them up and, add them bake brownies or cookies, of course you can just smoke them also. After she established that her patient had been smoking weed daily .. The official date is supposed to be next Thursday, but I'm not going to.

The interesting thing is that the American public appears to strongly disagree with the federal government's continued stance that cannabis remain a Schedule I drug. So, why hasn't marijuana been legalized in the United States?

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Keeping in mind that I'm here to offer a neutral take, here are seven of the most logical reasons behind why pot will remain illegal at the federal level. View photos A drug-free zone sign in a quiet neighborhood. Lawmakers worry about adolescent access To begin with, lawmakers are concerned that opening the door to legalizing cannabis would ease the access of adolescents to the drug.

What's interesting, though, is that this worry has mostly been disproven given recent data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Story continues Additionally, adolescent cannabis use fell across the country inaccording to the aforementioned federal survey, and no states legal or not demonstrated a significant uptick in adolescent use rates.

It would appear that this concern is unfounded, but it remains a front-and-center objection of some lawmakers on Capitol Hill. View photos A lab researcher holding and examining a beaker of liquid. Clinical data has been mixed Another reason lawmakers have been leery of giving the green light to marijuana has been a history of mixed clinical data regarding the drugs' benefits and risks.

In a handful of pivotal-stage studies, GW Pharmaceuticals' Epidiolex ran circles around the placebo, significantly reducing seizure frequency from baseline, and relative to the placebo, in the process. GW Pharmaceuticals' Epidiolex also received a unanimous vote in favor of approval from the FDA's advisory panel, putting it in good shape leading up to the FDA's decision date later this month. On the other hand, a study released in the journal Hippocampus back in from researchers at Northwestern University discovered a worrisome trend in the brains of folks in their early 20s who began using marijuana heavily at age 16 or MRI scans of these subjects showed an oddly shaped hippocampus region of the brain, which is an area responsible for long-term memory retention.

It's these mixed results that concern lawmakers. View photos A police officer holding out a breathalyzer device. Driving under the influence laws aren't concrete Next, lawmakers have reservations about what legalizing cannabis could do to driving under the influence laws in the United States.

The issue is that there are no firm lines in the sand when it comes to marijuana use, whereas there are pretty concrete guidelines when it comes to the use of alcohol. In essence, if you're determined to have a blood alcohol content BAC of 0. Though a peace officer could cite a driver for being under the influence at a lower BAC, it's up to their discretion. With marijuana, there are no guidelines in terms of what represents too much impairment behind the wheel.

Marijuana breathalyzers are currently in development by a number of companies, but they're not yet ready for a real-world rollout. Further complicating matters is the fact tetrahydrocannabinol THCthe psychoactive component of the cannabis plant that gets you "high," remains in a person's system for days or weeks, making it difficult for peace officers to determine when a person ingested cannabis, and how impaired they actually are.

View photos The facade of the Capitol building in Washington, D. Congress doesn't have room on its docket for reform Congress also doesn't have much, if any, room on its docket for cannabis reform. Though we might think of politicians as professional thumb twiddlers, they have a pretty busy schedule when it comes to debating bills and introducing legislation. I believed the norovirus theory. I was at JFK. I went to the ATM. I became very cautious about hygiene because I never wanted to experience that again.

And then things just went back to normal. I went back to my old habits. I was smoking more than normal — well, more than when I was working. That lasted for about three months: It was insanely hot — we met some friends there — but I remember being really hot. When we got home, I was bending over, putting produce in the crisper, and then I stood up and felt light-headed, so I lay down for the rest of the day.

That night, we went and had dinner at a restaurant in Koreatown. We ate a lot of pork. I have never been one to avoid milk entirely.

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I just deal with the gas, and I really wanted to try this Korean ice cream. The next morning, I woke up early to go to a workout class, and as soon as I got there, I went to the bathroom and started throwing up wildly. I thought it was food poisoning again. I was like, Why is all the food here toxic? I took some Pepto Bismol and threw up for half the day.

I was very sweaty and I felt awful, but luckily, it only lasted two days. Did you go to the doctor? And when I felt better, I went back to my normal smoking habits. My husband was doing a lot of online research, and he suggested I stop smoking weed because he read that it can encourage your gag reflex if you are already sick.

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And then, almost exactly a month later, it happened a third time. This time, it lasted for another week. They asked the same questions and did a pregnancy test. Nothing was showing up — they said I probably scratched my throat from throwing up so much. But that only explained the blood. We asked to see a specialist, but I was sent to an internist first. As he was going through my medical history, he asked if I smoke cigarettes. I said no, only socially, if anything.

Then he asked if I drink. But I told him that I smoke a lot of pot. He asked how often, and I said every single day for the past 15 years. He gave me a pretty loose rundown. I asked if it would clear up. I had mostly been buying from a friend who grows it herself, so it was outdoor and organic. I wondered if it was just too intense, or not what I was used to. How much were you smoking?

I was buying about two ounces a month. But I just always had it. I pretty much always mix tobacco with it. I asked my doctor if that was an issue — what if I vaped or used a bong? I was thinking, This is fucking absurd. How can weed make me this sick? But they ruled out everything else, right?

I did a stool and pregnancy test. They were all clear. My husband gently suggested I quit for a month, and then maybe I could bring it back gradually. I had smoked every single day for the last 15 years, maybe even longer. Not even one break? But it was only two days, and I was drinking. I was in my junior year of high school, and it became an everyday thing from then on.

I moved to Chicago to go to college, and my boyfriend and my roommate both smoked. It was our thing. What sort of a stoner were you? I have an insanely good memory. I never felt like it made me antisocial or depressed or overweight or unhealthy.

As cheesy as it sounds, I was into crafting, and smoking made me more creative. It was just fun. I was the sort of person who would smoke pot and clean the house — it made me want to do those things.

Often I just wanted a good old bag of Schwag from Mexico that I could smoke all day long.

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Probably because of the quantity and the way that I smoke, I love the burn. There was a period in my life where I was a pot snob, but now I am like, whatever, the weaker the better, to be honest. How many spliffs were you smoking per day? My doctor and I figured out that it was probably about ten. So what was the initial withdrawal like? It was the worst thing. She gave me sage advice after the diamond popped out of my engagement ring and we spent hours looking for it in Central Park.

It was really hard to accept. It colored how I thought about everything. And it even has a cute balcony. What do I do? There was a little bit of a defeatist mentality. Then I had an anger phase.

Here are the Countries Where Marijuana Is Legal in Some Form

Why did I have to smoke so much? If I was on a six-hour car ride, did I really need six joints? I could have smoked four and been fine. I got mathematical about it, thinking if I had just cut out X number of joints, I could still be smoking today. Then there was guilt.

I felt like a lost body.